SciCADE 2005

2005 International Conference on Scientific
Computation and Differential Equations

May 23-27, 2005

Nagoya Congress Center (NCC),
Nagoya, Japan

A minisymposium session concentrates on a particular topic and
regularly consists of four speakers, each speaking for 30 minutes
(including 5 minutes reserved for questions) for a total of two
hours. Each minisymposium is arranged by its organizer(s) who
is responsible to invite its speakers.

Minisymposium on
Numerical methods for problems with functional dependence
Organizer: Barbara Zubik-Kowal (Boise State University, USA)


Differential equations with functional dependence, whose
typical example is a delayed solution value, are used
to model phenomena investigated in different disciplines,
for example: medicine, biology, economics and engineering.
In most cases exact solutions to the problems modelled
by the functional equations are unknown and numerical
approximations to these solutions are desirable.
Therefore, computer simulations of functional equations
is central to further development in applied sciences
and engineering. This minisymposium will focus on software,
construction and analysis of numerical techniques for the
equations with functional dependence.

Speaker Title Abstract
Marino Zennaro Stability analysis of exponential integrators for semi-linear delay differential equations PDF PS
Karel in 't Hout On $GP$-stable adaptations of Runge--Kutta methods to delay differential equations by one-step interpolation PDF PS
Nicola Guglielmi Numerical periodic orbits of neutral delay differential equations PDF PS
Toshiyuki Koto IMEX Runge-Kutta schemes for delay differential equations PDF PS
Evelyn Buckwar Stochastic linear two-step Maruyama methods for SDDEs with small noise PDF PS
Barbara Zubik-Kowal Influence of coefficients occurring in systems of delay differential equations on the convergence of waveform relaxation PDF PS