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Math 152: Engineering Mathematics II (Calculus II for Engineers)

Zach Teitler

Contact Information:

Teaching Schedule:

Section Computer lab timeComputer lab location Recitation timeRecitation location
513 M 3:00-3:50BLOC 122 W 3:00-3:50BLOC 117
514 M 12:40-1:30BLOC 126 W 12:40-1:30ZACH 127A
515 M 1:50-2:40BLOC 124 W 1:50-2:40CHEN 112

Teaching Assistant:

Heather Albrecht (web site includes quiz solutions and tutorial links)

Helpful Information:

First Day Handout (syllabus)

Online homework

Matlab lab assignments

Suggested homework. These will not be collected, but I strongly urge you to do these problems.

Common course information including: course schedule; past exams (more than 10 years); streaming videos; and other useful links

Important Dates:

Feb 19 Thurs Exam I 7:30-9:30 pm, room TBA
Mar 16-20 Mon-Fri Spring Break  
Mar 26 Thurs Exam II 7:30-9:30 pm, room TBA
Apr 6 Mon Last day to Q-drop  
Apr 10 Fri Reading Day (no classes)  
Apr 28 Tues Exam III 7:30-9:30 pm, room TBA
Apr 30 Thurs last day of lecture for this Math 152 class  
May 4 Mon second to last day of semester Students attend Monday classes (including Math 152 computer labs)
May 5 Tues last day of semester Students attend Friday classes
May 13 Wed Final Exam 1:00-3:00 pm, HELD 111



Previous semesters:

  1. Fall 2007: Math 141
  2. Spring 2008: Math 152
  3. Fall 2008: Math 311