MultiplierIdeals is a package for computing multiplier ideals of special ideals including monomial ideals, monomial curves, and generic determinantal ideal. This package combines the earlier packages MonomialMultiplierIdeals and SpaceCurvesMultiplierIdeals.

The MultiplierIdeals package is currently available as a library for Macaulay2. It is distributed as part of Macaulay2---version 1.8 of Macaulay2 includes the version 1.1 of this package already installed.

You may download the package. To install it, after downloading, run Macaulay2 in a directory containing the downloaded file and issue the Macaulay2 command installPackage("MultiplierIdeals") .

The documentation is available (in the HTML format generated by Macaulay2, but hand-edited to help the pages find their CSS stylesheet).

Current version: 1.1.
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