CombinatorialIteration is a package for generating combinatorial objects including partitions, permutations, subsets, and standard tableaux. Objects are generated one by one: enter in an object to get the next one.

The primary purpose is to traverse a list of partitions, permutations, subsets, or tableaux without generating and storing the full list. This arises in, for example, sums indexed by partitions; iteration allows one to compute the terms of the sum one-by-one by initializing a variable with the first partition and repeatedly (with a for loop) iterating the 'next' function to visit all of the partitions exactly once each.

One may also go backward with 'prev[ious]' functions, reversing the order of traversal of the 'next' functions.

See: Nijenhuis, Albert; Wilf, Herbert S. Combinatorial algorithms. Second edition. 1978.

You may download the package. To install it, after downloading, run Macaulay2 in a directory containing the downloaded file and issue the Macaulay2 command installPackage("CombinatorialIteration") .

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