Math 426/526
Complex Variables
Spring 2013

Time and Place:  MW 12:00-1:15pm, Business 204
Instructor:  Dr. Grady Wright, MG-220A, 426-4674, Email:
Office Hours:  Mon: 4:15-5:15pm; Tu: 12:30pm-2:00pm, or by appointment (e-mail is best).

Please see the  syllabus for more information.

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# Due Problem set Notes
1 06-FEB-2013 HW01, solutions Stereographic projection: point, circle
2 20-FEB-2013 HW02, solutions Orthogonal level curve illustration using:
Mathematica: .cdf, .nb
MATLAB: .html, .m
Stream function for ideal fluid flow example: .cdf, .nb
3 06-MAR-2013 HW03, solutions Illustrations of single and multi-valued functions using:
Mathematica: .cdf, .nb
MATLAB: .html, .m
25-FEB-2013 Meeting in the computer lab ERB 1100 from 12:00 to 1:15 In class worksheet
4 18-MAR-2013 HW04, solutions
20-MAR-2013 Midterm exam, 12:00pm to 1:15pm, 426 solutions, 526 solutions
5 17-APR-2013 HW05, Solutions
6 17-APR-2013 HW06, Solutions
7 01-MAY-2013 HW07, Solutions
8 10-MAY-2013 HW08, Solutions
15-MAY-2013 2:30-4:30pm: Final exam

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