Instructor: Dr. Shari Ultman
Learning Assistants: Alex Hughes and Sami Johnson
Class Meetings


Fri 5/10:Homework Assignment #13 on WebAssign: Some changes have been made to the due date for HW #13 in order to allow people who finish the assignment early to access "practice another version". The new due date is ten minutes before class on Friday --- however, you can automatically request an extension, and will not lose any points for doing so. Upshot: you have until 8:00am Monday 5/13 to finish this assignment. To continue working on it after class on Friday 5/10, use the "request extension" (you will not be penalized).

Thurs 5/9: Extensions on all WebAssign assignments (including homework assignment #13) will close on Monday 5/13 at 8:00 am. You will still be able to use "practice another version" after that time.

Thurs 5/9: If would like to get a feeling for how your final will affect the grade estimate posted on BlackBoard on 6 May 2013, download this spreadsheet and follow the instructions. Please note that this is not a 100% accurate "grade calculator", since there are several factors not accounted for in the spreadsheet. In particular, the grade estimate posted on BlackBoard does not include the last few WebAssigns, last homework assignment, or last few days of clicker points. Also, the impact of the extra credit from exam 3 is reduced in the final grade calculation, since it is spread out over a larger number of total exam points (for example, if you earned the full 3 points of extra credit, it would contribute 65*3/250 = 0.78 percentage points to your final class score, but it contributed 65*3/150 = 1.3 percentage points to you grade estimate on 5/6). So, the spreadsheet should give you a good idea of the overall effect of your final exam score, but it does not compute your final grade.

Mon 5/6: The plan for the rest of this week: today, we discuss curl, Green's theorem, and Stokes' Theorem; Wednesday, we discuss divergence and the Divergence Theorem. The WebAssign assignments corresponding to Monday and Wednesday's classes will be due at 11:59pm on Friday 5/10. Friday's class will be devoted to questions about WebAssign #31 & 32, and homework assignment #13 (which will be due on Monday 5/13 at 8:00am).

Thurs 5/2:Exam 4 will be returned in class tomorrow. The majority of class time will be spent working in groups on the problems in WebAssign assignment #30: Vector Surface Integrals. If you have a laptop or other mobile device that can access WebAssign, please bring it.

Mon 4/29: There's a subtlety in problem #11 of WebAssign assignment #28 ("Conservative Vector Fields"); you are performing work against the field. In other words, the work performed is the negative of the value of the line integral of F over the given curve: .

Fri 4/19: There is a WebAssign assignment due Monday 4/22. It is a review of material we will be using for the remainder of the course.

(from xkcd)

Thurs 4/5: Two notes on the WebAssign problem set on integrating in polar coordinates (due on Friday):

Wed 4/3: Dr. Ultman's office hours are cancelled today.

Wed 3/20: A reminder regarding notes for the exam. You are allowed one side and one side only of an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper for handwritten note. I will be checking notes at the beginning of the exam. If you are using both sides, your notes will be confiscated. You are also allowed to print out and use the derivatives/integral sheet, and the equation sheet. These may not contain extra notes.

Mon 3/18: Several announcements:

Fri 3/15: Additional problems from today's class.

Mon 3/4: Please note: today is the final day to withdraw. All you current scores are posted: HW 1--4, Midterm 1 and clicker scores through Wed 2/27 are posted on BlackBoard. WebAssign scores are available on WebAssign. Information about computing your grade can be found on the course syllabus.

Tues 2/24: If you missed the motion on circles problems listed for Homework Assignment #3, you can do them now and turn them in on Friday (2/27 3/1). If you do this, please turn in these problems at the end of Assignment #4.

Also, a reminder on entering trig functions on WebAssign. I the argument is a scalar multiple of t, use parenthesis or leave a space. For example, enter "" or "", not "".

Thurs 2/21: Arc length integrals are often complicated to evaluate, usually due to the square root in the integrand. It is good practice to try working out these integrals by hand, but it is not necessary to spend unduly large amounts of time on it. Using look-up tables and technology for an assist on complicated integrals is valid (there's a link to Wolfram Alpha on the ``Links'' page). If you use a table or technology on written homework assignments, please make a note so that the grader knows you haven't simply skipped steps.

Wed 2/20: Regarding problem #10 from the WebAssign assignment due today... We discussed this in the afternoon section. I made a very common mistake. I made the problem more difficult than it actually is. What I tried to find was an explicit parametrization so that the speed of the particle as it passes through the point is 2 cm/s. What the problem actually asked for was just the velocity vector at the one point .

To find the velocity, all that's needed is the direction and magnitude. The direction is the unit vector tangent to the curve. The magnitude is the speed given in the statement of the problem.

Use the parametrization , take its derivative, and evaluate the derivative at . The derivative is tangent to the curve at the point . Find the unit vector by dividing by the magnitude: . Finally, multiply the unit vector by 2.

Tues 2/19: The course webpage may be unavailable from approximately 7:30-8:30am tomorrow morning.

Fri 2/15: Assignment 3 has been updated; please note the changes to the problems assigned corresponding to today's lecture. Also, see the end of the slides for today's class for notes on the examples appearing on the slides (we didn't get to all of them in class).

Wed 2/13:

Thurs 2/7: Internship Opportunities at INL

Two WebAssign announcements:

Mon 2/4: Don't forget, the second "making connections" session is tomorrow, Tues 2/5 in ILC 313, 3:00--4:15. There's room for more people to join. Tomorrow's topic will be the dot and cross product, with a focus on vector projections and decompositions.

Information for Midterm 1 has been posted on the Exams page.

Wed 1/30: Browsers and WebAssign: some people are reporting that WebAssign works best using Google Chrome for PC's and Firefox for Macs.

Answer to the "angle between roads" problem from class today: radians () --- or, if your choices lead you to measure the supplementary angle, radians ().

WebAssign #03 (Dot Product 1) problem #8 part 1: WebAssign is behaving strangely. For some versions of this problem, if the magnitude is an integer it will only accept answers in the form . I've reported the problem to WebAssign and set the point value to this part to zero (so problem #8 is worth 5 points, not 6).

Tues 1/29: Reminder: clicker points will be counted beginning tomorrow. In order for your responses to be counted, you need to register your device on BlackBoard. This includes ResponseWare.

To register, go to the course BlackBoard site. Under "Tools", follow the "TurningPoint Registration Tool" link. Enter your response device ID as prompted. If you are using ResponseWare, enter your response ID.

Note to ResponseWare users: even if your response ID and name appeared correctly on the "Clicker Test" .pdf documents for Wed 1/23 and Fri 1/15, you still need to register your response ID on BlackBoard. If you have questions or problems registering, contact Dr. Ultman.

Mon 1/28: A reminder that the first "Making Connections" session (led by the class Learning Assistants Alex Hughes and Sami Johnson) will be held tomorrow from 3:00--4:15pm in ILC 313. These sessions are designed to help students see how the material discussed in class is used in the homework problems. Seating is limited to the first 30 students who show up. Please bring your textbook, or some way to access the ebook.

Drop-in tutoring and help sessions with the Learning Assistants begins on Thursday this week. Office hours with Dr. Ultman continue. See the schedule above for times and locations.

Clicker Test for Monday 1/28: you should be able to check you clicker on BlackBoard gradebook. The number in the column "clicker test 01/28" should be the number of responses recorded for your clicker in class today. (A question for ResponseWare users: do your responses show up on BlackBoard?)

Fri 1/25: To everyone reporting the problem with the WebAssign feedback on the differentiation review: thank you. It should be working now. Let me know if you have further problems.

Thurs 1/24: WebAssign should always indicate whether or not a submitted answer is correct by displaying a green check mark if an answer is correct or a red "x" if it is incorrect.

A new forum has been added to the "Discussion Board" on BlackBoard: "Talk to Alex and Sami". Alex Hughes and Sami Johnson (the class Learning Assistants) will be moderating this forum.

You can now "subscribe" to all forums on the BlackBoard "Discussion Board". If you click the "Subscribe" button at the top of each forum page, you will be sent an email whenever a new comment is posted on that forum. You need to subscribe to each forum separately.

Wed 1/23: BSU has a new clicker support website, including users guides and information about using mobile devices (ResponseWare).

Results of today's clicker tests are posted on BlackBoard under "Course Documents".

A General Discussion Forum and a Study Group Forum have been opened on the "Discussion Board" on BlackBoard.

Thurs 1/17: If you have an older model of clicker, it should work for this class. We'll run clicker tests on the first three days of class. Clicker responses won't be counted for a grade until Wed 1/30.

Tues 1/14: Welcome to Math 275, Spring 2013. If you find broken links, typos or other problems in any of the pages of this course website, please notify Dr. Ultman at the e-mail address above. Some information that may be of immediate interest: