BSU Math 360 (Engineering Statistics) -- Section 1400, Spring 2011

Instructor: Shari Ultman
Office: Math/Geoscience Building, Room 236D (BSU); Building 17C Room 115A (Micron)
Office hours: MTu 5:00-5:30pm (Micron), WF 12:00-1:30pm (BSU), and by appointment.

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Keys to quizzes

Basic derivatives and integrals: you may use this on exams. It is your responsibility to print off a copy and bring it to the exam.

Midterm 1 review

Midterm 2 review

Final exam review: now includes review problems and some changes (for example, the section on the coefficient of determination in linear regression models has been substantially revised).


Tues 5/3: There will be no quiz today. Homework is due. We will spend class time reviewing for the final.
Mon 4/18: Regarding sec. 12.1 #8c&d: use properties of linear combinations of normally distributed independent rv's (see pp. 220 -- 221). In particular, Y_2 - Y_1 is normal with mean E(Y_2) - E(Y_1) and variance V(Y_2) + V(Y_1). For (c), determine the probability P( Y_2 - Y_1 > 1000) = P( Z > (1000 - (E(Y_2) - E(Y_1)))/sqrt{V(Y_2) + V(Y_1)} ). For (d), find the z-value for which the probability statement P(Y_2 - Y_1 > 0) = P(Z > (E(Y_2) - E(Y_1)))/sqrt{V(Y_2) + V(Y_1)}) = 0.95 is satisfied, keeping in mind that E(Y_2) - E(Y_1) = 1.3(x_2 - x_1). (Thanks to Kevin for pointing this out).
Sat 4/16: Two notes on assignment 10. 1) The sections assigned should be from chapter 12, not 14 (this has been corrected). 2) I meant to post the problems from 12.2 earlier: do as much of 12.2 for assignment10 as possible, and turn in the rest with assignment 11.
Fri 3/25: I will not have internet access at home over spring break. You can still send me e-mails, but expect some lag in reply time.
Wed 2/23: The BSU Math Department is launching an REU (research experience for undergraduates) this summer. More information can be found here.

Fri 2/11: The first midterm will be held in class (3:30--4:30pm) on Tuesday 15 February. You will be allowed one half of one side of an 8.5'' x 11'' sheet of paper (total surface area: 8.5'' x 5.5'') for handwritten notes and a scientific calculator. No other notes or technology will be allowed for this exam.

Thurs 2/3: A sheet of basic derivatives and integrals has been posted. You may use this for exams (but not quizzes).

Fri 1/21: I do check e-mail over the weekend. If you have homework questions, feel free to drop me a line.

Tues 1/18: Please download the Skills Assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to help you determine what you need to review in order to maximize your success in this class (Math 360). Try to work these problems without using a calculator, textbook, or other notes. Any problem that gives you trouble indicates an area that you should review. This is not an assignment and will not be graded.

Also, a corrected calendar has been posted.

Sun 1/16: Welcome to Math 360. Please take a look at the course Syllabus and Calendar at the links above.