BSU Math 275 (Calc. III) -- Section 002, Spring 2011

Instructor: Shari Ultman
Office: Math/Geoscience Building, Room 236D
Office hours: WF 12:00-1:30pm, and by appointment.

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Syllabus: with correct final exam day.

Calendar (revised)


Keys to quizzes

Basic derivatives and integrals: you may use this on exams. It is your responsibility to print off a copy and bring it to the exam.

Midterm 1 review (revised) Now with torsion!

Midterm 2 review

Midterm 3 review (revised)

Final exam review: now includes review problems (and a few minor revisions).

The Bridge Project Book This was written by Tevian Dray and Corinne Manogue at Oregon State University (part of the Vector Calculus Bridge project). I recommend it as a supplemental resource for this class.

Surface/level curve grapher By Barbara Kaskosz at the University of Rhode Island and Doug Ensley at Shippensburg Universtiy.

Polar function grapher By Marc Renault at Shippensburg University


Sat 5/7: A new version of the final exam review has been posted (now includes review problems and a few minor revisions). There are a substantial number of suggested review problems, but most should look familiar. Also: I will have office hours Monday 5/9 and Tuesday 5/10 from noon to 2:00 pm, and will be keeping an eye on my e-mail.
Fri 5/6: A preliminary version of the final exam review has been posted ("preliminary" because it does not include review problems). Please look it over before class.
Mon 5/2: The day of the final exam listed on the Syllabus was incorrect. The final is on Wednesday 11 May, not Monday 11 May. The syllabus has been corrected to reflect this.
Wed 4/20: I will not have the exams graded for today's class. They will be returned on Friday.
Fri 4/8: Here's what the gradient, curl and divergence look like for cylindrical and spherical bases.
Wed 4/6: A change to this Friday's assignment: sections 13.6 and 13.7 only will be due on Friday. Sections 14.1 and 14.2 will be due next Friday (4/15). Also, there will be no quiz this Friday. Instead, the first 20 minutes of class will be open for homework questions.
Sat 3/26: Here's the continuation of the example we began in class yesterday.
Fri 3/25: I will not have internet access at home over spring break. You can still send me e-mails, but expect some lag in reply time.
Wed 3/23: A link to a nice online applet for graphing polar functions has been posted above.
Wed 3/16: The quiz on Friday will cover sections 13.1--13.3. Also, we will cover section 13.7 on Friday. Section 13.6 will be covered next week.
Sun 3/6: A review for Midterm 2 has been posted above.

Sat 2/26: There are some nice applets online for graphing surfaces and level curves -- I've linked to one above (you can find others using a Google search). Also, a reminder that you may find that the Bridge Project Book (link above) is a useful reference for this class.

Wed 2/23: The assignment posted for this Friday (2/25) has been corrected: the final section assigned is 12.6 *not* 12.4. There will be a quiz this Friday on the material corresponding to this assignment.

The BSU Math Department is launching an REU (research experience for undergraduates) this summer. More information can be found here.

Wed 2/16: There will be no quiz this Friday (2/18). Sections assigned this week will be collected next Friday (2/25).

Wed 2/9: The first midterm will be held in class (1:40--2:30pm) on Friday 11 February. You will be allowed one half of one side of an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper (total surface area: 8.5'' x 5.5'') for handwritten notes, the table of basic derivatives and integrals posted on this website, and a scientific calculator. No other notes or technology will be allowed for this exam. The first midterm will be over the material covered in class since the beginning of the semester (corresponding to sections 10.1--10.5, 11.1--11.5 in the text, plus the infinitesimal displacement vector dr and the arclength element ds). Note that the Midterm Review posted above has been revised to reflect the correct exam time.

Sat 2/5: A review for the first midterm and the key to quiz 2 have been posted.

Thurs 2/3: A sheet of basic derivatives and integrals has been posted. You may use this for exams (but not quizzes).

Wed 2/2: Friday's quiz will be over material covered in class from last Wednesday through yesterday -- in particular, sections 10.5 and 11.1, the dr vector and the line element ds.

Mon 1/31: Check your notes: at the end of today's class, I wrote that the derivative of a vector-valued function r(t) is the limit of r(t)/Δt as Δt approaches zero, which is clearly incorrect. It should be the limit of Δr(t)/Δt as Δt approaches zero.

Tues 1/25: Friday's quiz will be over all material covered from the start of the semester through today's class (sections 10.1 -- 10.4).

Fri 1/21: I do check e-mail over the weekend. If you have homework questions, feel free to drop me a line.

Wed 1/18: A note about homework assignments. I assign very few "basic" problems. It is your responsibility to work as many problems as necessary to master the basic skills (for example, vector addition, or finding the magnitude of a vector). Do not turn in these problems with the assigned homework; that will make me cranky, and you don't want me grading when I'm cranky.

A new calendar (revised to reflect the new quiz/homework schedule) has been posted under the link above.

Mon 1/17: Please download the Skills Assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to help you determine what you need to review in order to maximize your success in this class (Math 275). Try to work these problems without using a calculator, textbook, or other notes. Any problem that gives you trouble indicates an area that you should review. This is not an assignment and will not be graded.

Sun 1/16: Welcome to Math 275. Please take a look at the course Syllabus and Calendar at the links above.