BSU Math 333 (Differential Equations w/ Matrix Theory) -- Section 1400, Fall 2011

Instructor: Shari Ultman
Office: Math/Geoscience Building, Room 236D
Office hours: MTu after class (Micron), MTu 11:30am--12:00pm (BSU campus), WF 11:40am--12:30pm (BSU campus), and by appointment.

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Calendar: This provides a rough schedule for the semester. The sections to be covered and the dates and order in which they occur are subject to change.

Assignments: These problems are to be turned in for a grade.

Supplemental exercises: These exercises provide extra practice on the basic methods and concepts covered in a given section. You should complete as many as necessary to master the given technique. They will not be graded. Do not turn these in.

Keys to quizzes and exams

Basic derivatives and integrals: You may use this for exams.

Table of basic Laplace transforms

Midterm 1 review

Midterm 2 review: First revision (suggested problems now listed).

Final exam review


Slope Field Calculator: created by Marek Rychlik.

Functions Grapher by Barbara Kaskosz.

Two links to online phase portrait applets:


Wed 12/7: here is what's been suggested as possible questions for the final exam.
Tues 12/6: Office hours this week: Wednesday 11:30--3:30, Thursday 1:00--3:00, Friday 11:30--2:00. On Wednesday and Friday I will be coming from a class, so I may be a little late getting back to my office. If I'm not in my office during these times, I've probably stepped out to get coffee and will return shortly.
Sun 12/4: The plan for this week will be as follows. Monday will be devoted to questions about the Laplace transform (particularly in the context of discontinuous forcing functions and the Dirac delta function) and a couple of short exercises to help get you into "review mode". Tuesday will be an open session; bring questions. At the end of class on Tuesday, there will be time for you to check the homework, quiz and exam scores I have entered for you in my spreadsheet.
Mon 11/28: I will try to come in early tomorrow (around 12:40) to explain problem # 6 in section 5.4.
Sun 11/13: A table of basic Laplace transforms is posted above. You should print this off for use during the remaining quizzes and exams. Also, a review of partial fraction decomposition can be found here.
Tues 11/1: I've opened a forum on the Blackboard discussion board for people to list the questions they would like to discuss during the review on Wednesday. The idea is try to reach a class consensus about what people want to talk about before the review.
Mon 10/31: There's a "typo" on the key for quiz 7 #2b. The eigenvalue should be \lambda = 3, not \lambda = -3 as written.
Mon 10/10: Tomorrow's quiz will be over the material of sections 3.2 and 3.3 only. Assignemnt 6 (due tomorrow) will comprise the assigned problems from sections 3.2 and 3.3 only. Problems from section 3.4 will be due next week with assignment 7.
Thurs 9/29: The scores for the first exam (out of 70 points total) and an estimate the current course "grades" (percentage) have been posted on Blackboard. The "grades" were computed as follows:
  1. Add the first four quiz scores, divide by 40 and multiply by 0.3;
  2. divide the first exam score by 70 and multiply by 0.6;
  3. add the first four homework scores, divide by 8 and multiply by 0.1;
  4. add 1, 2 and 3, and multiply by 100.
Example: quiz 1 = 7, quiz 2 = 8, quiz 3 = 5, quiz 4 = 6; exam = 55, hw 1 = 2, hw 2 = 1, hw 3 = 0, hw 4 = 2:

[( 7 + 8 + 5 + 6 )/40]*0.3 + [55/70]*0.6 + [(2 + 0 + 1 + 2)/8]*0.1 = 0.7289
0.7289*100 = 72.89

If I were to assign letter grades now, the breakdown would be:
A: 89 -- 100
B: 78 -- 88
C: 68 -- 77
D: 60 -- 67
F: below 60
Thurs 9/22: The review for the first midterm has been posted.
Mon 9/19: Tomorrow in class, we will cover integrating factors in the context of exact equations. After that, there will be open time for questions and discussion. Open season -- including past homework problems.
Sat 9/3: For those of you who like to read ahead, we will be making the following changes to the calendar. On Tuesday 9/6, we will cover sections 2.1 and 1.2 -- in that order. Section 1.4 will not be covered in class, although readings and problems from that section may be assigned for homework. We will try to cover section 1.3 later in the semester.
Tues 8/30: Office hours have changed (see above).
Thurs 8/25: Homework formatting. At the top of the first page of each assignment, please include:
in that order, and each on a separate line. Begin each section on a new page, and clearly indicate the section number at the top of the page. Do not divide your pages into multiple columns (if you have already begun writing up Assignment 1 and are using more than one column per page, you do not need to recopy your work).
Tues 8/23: There is now a discussion forum open on Blackboard. You can subscribe to the forum and receive e-mails at your Boise State account as new posts are added. I've started with a "general discussion thread". You may also begin new threads within the forum -- for example, if you want to discuss a particular homework problem.
Sat 8/20: The syllabus and calendar are now posted.
Wed 5/11: Welcome to Math 333.