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BoiseCrypt is a student research conference at Boise State University in cryptography and related areas. The mission of BoiseCrypt is to promote student research in cryptography and related areas and to acquaint undergraduate and graduate students with the process and academic rigors of presenting research in a scholarly manner. Additionally, the conference is designed to stimulate interaction between students and faculty, while encouraging students in mathematics and computer science to pursue advanced degrees toward the goal of research in cryptography, number theory and algebra.

The Department of Mathematics takes seriously the role of research of our undergraduate and graduate students. Students regularly benefit from direct contact with our research faculty and are empowered and encouraged to conduct their own inquiries. Students interested in the area of cryptography, number theory and algebra are invited to participate in and present their work at the conference. Projects showcasing student work in other areas of mathematics or computer science are very welcome.

The 12th Semiannual Cryptology Conference will be held on December 16, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. in the SUB, Trueblood Room.

To view the past BoiseCrypt conferences please click here. For questions please contact the organizer of the conference, Dr. Liljana Babinkostova, by sending an e-mail to

Department of Mathematics • Boise State University


What should the abstract include?

Think of your abstract as a condensed version of your whole project. Because all researchers hope their work will be useful to others it is crucial to make your abstracts accessible to a non-specialist. Your abstract should contain information about the research problem that motivated the project, the methods used to address the research problem, the conclussions or the preliminary results of the investigation, and the significance of the research project.

To submit your abstract, please click here. The deadline for abstract submission is December 11, 2015.

To view the submitted CONFERENCE ABSTRACTS, please click here.

Department of Mathematics • Boise State University


Students will present their research projects to faculty and other conference participants in an oral format. The oral presentation will allow students to give a presentation and includes time for questions.


9:00AM – 9:20AM.
Sudoku and Group Theory
Cooper Maira, Matthew Gillatt and Farighon A. Rahim

9:20AM – 9:45AM.
Investigating a Biocomputing Operation
Adam Calkins, Lindsey Gentry, Alyssa Seideman and Joshua Watson

9:45AM – 10:10AM.
A Study of Elliptic Curve Properties
Monica Agana, Ian Cavey, Wedad Mubaraki, Spencer Nelson and Stephanie Potter

10:10AM – 10:35AM.
Investigating Latin Squares and Counting Transversals
Sam Dworetzky, Nathan Schmidt and William Unger

10:35AM – 11:00AM.
On Bachet’s Equation
Charles Burnell, Clay McGowen and Mac Stanard

11:00AM – 11:20AM.
Fast generators for the Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement
Monica Agana

11:20AM – 11:40AM.
An Introduction to p-adic Numbers and Smart’s Attack on Anomalous Elliptic Curves
Spencer Nelson

11:40AM– 12:00 PM.
Taxicab Numbers
Brandon Sams

Department of Mathematics • Boise State University