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The interdisciplinary seminar of the cryptography and topology group on Group-based Cryptography will be meeting in the Spring 2009 on Wednesdays 3:40pm - 4:30pm in room MG 139. Pdf copies of relevant chapters from the book will be distributed by email.

We will read the book by Alexei Myasnikov, Vladimir Shpilrain and Alexander Ushakov Group based cryptography. The first fifty pages of the book can be seen at Manuscript. Here is the thesis by Elie Feder Algorithmic Problems in the Braid Group from 2003.
A great webpage on Cryptography and Braids, and a Survey Decision Problems for Groups. For the CDP/CSP in Garside groups the papers of Volker Gebhardt The cyclic sliding operation in Garside groups and Solving the conjuagcy problem in Garside groups by cyclic sliding , and the papers by Birman/Gebhardt/Gonzlez-Meneses Conjuagcy in Garside Groups I: Cyclings, Powers and Rigidity , Conjuagcy in Garside Groups II: Structure of the Ultra Summit Set , and Conjugacy in Garside Groups III: Peridic braids will be used. The paper by Elrifai and Morton Algorithms for positive braids is important for the understanding of the conjugacy problem in Garside groups.

If you are interested and want information or participate please send email to Liljana Babinkostova , or Uwe Kaiser