Jaimos Skriletz, Lecturer in Mathematics

Portrait of Jaimos

Greetings. I am a lecturer in the department of mathematics at Boise State University. Currently my focus is on the calculus sequence, Calculus I-III, and differential equations.

I have built up a variety of materials for my courses including notes, worksheets, and problem sets aimed at improving the success of my students. Each of my courses has a course webpage in which you can find copies of all of the course materials.

In addition to working with calculus eduction, I also like to climb mountains and backpack. I have collected years of mountain photographs, which you can find on my mountain photos webpage.

My current courses are:

My office hours are:

Office Hours

Office Location: Mathematics Building (MB) Room 236-D

I have no official office hours this summer.

I am usually around my office from 1:30-2:30pm and 4:30-5:30pm.

For other times, email me to make an appointment (see my calendar for availability).

Here is my contact information:

Contact Information

eMail (preferred): jaimosskriletz@boisestate.edu

Office Phone: (208) 426-1130