Math 522, Advanced Set Theory, Fall 2017, Class Announcements Page


Welcome to the class. You should expect to find homework assignments and other important class announcements and links to class resources on this page. You should be in the habit of checking this page regularly; I will not necessarily say much about homework assignments in class -- this is the official place to find out about them!

I will generally add new material near the top (a few items will stay at the top).

Tentative office hours: MWF 10:30-11:30, 3:00-4:00. I'll consider what if any Tuesday or Thursday hours I want to set up. It is possible that logic seminar may cause me to move one of the MWF afternoon hours.

Office Hours and other schedule information

My office hours will be stated on my office door card [link not ready yet] (which will also be attached to my office door), which also includes the times of my classes and seminars.

The Text

This is your textbook. It will mutate as we go through the semester!

The Marcel theorem prover

Here is the link where source and documentation for the Marcel theorem prover are found. I do not know if we'll use this in Math 522, but I leave the resource here.

Here is the lab manual.

Week Thirteen

Midterm Takehome

The midterm takehome will be posted at the latest by 5 pm on the 21st and will be due in class one week from this coming Wednesday. Watch this space.

Here is the midterm takehome.

Week Eight

Week Six

Week Four

Week Two

Week One