Class Announcements Page for Math 414, Advanced Calculus, Fall 2016

Welcome to the class

This is where homework assignments will be posted and class announcements will be made. Here is the course syllabus, to start off with. See you on Monday!

Test IV

will be in the final exam period. There will not be a cumulative final, but there will be opportunities to earn credit by answering advanced questions on earlier material.

Here is the test 4 review sheet. It will be updated in ways I describe when I have actually written at least a draft of test 4.

Here are the instructions and the theorem list from the current draft of Test IV with a couple of added comments of interest.

Week Fifteen

Week Fourteen

Week Thirteen

Week Twelve

Week Eleven

Friday, Nov 4: Homework assignment 13.3.2, 13.4.1* (optional -- probably hard: I need to state the result of section 13.4, which I skipped accidentally), 13.5.5, problem 13--1* (optional -- evil), 14.1.1 (this is standard from your calculus text, but it is the sort of thing you should certainly be able to do), 14.1.6, 14.2.3, 14.3.2 (standard calculus work), problem 14--1b* (optional), 15.1.1, 15.1.3, 15.2.1 a and b, 15.2.2, problem 15--1* (optional)

This problem set is due on Friday November 11th. You are encouraged to turn in any part of the problem set you have done on Wednesday the 9th: any problems that I receive on the 9th will be returned, graded, on the 11th.

Watch for review material this weekend.

Week Ten

Other weeks did intervene; we prepared for the test and had it.

Week Seven

Week Six

Week Five

Week Four

Week Three

Week Two

Week One

Test III date...

...will be Monday, November 14th. Here is the review sheet, which I may revise from time to time before the test.

Test II date...

will be Wednesday, October 19th.

I will supply the theorem list for Test II sometime next week (writing on the 7th); you should examine it in case there is anything additional you want to request.

Here is the first pass at the review sheet for the test. It should be updated over time with review exercises and the theorem list which will be attached to the test. It is already a good summary of what I expect to ask about on the test.

Test I date...

will be Friday, Sept 23. Here are some review instructions.

Here is Test I with solutions (which are in many cases references to the book).