Math 406, Spring 2015: Class Announcements


Welcome to the class! Class announcements and useful documents will appear here. New material will be added at the top. Make it a habit to look here.

I'm going to try keeping the lecture notes and an indication of the current assignments at the top of the page: watch for other things that might appear below.

My schedule

My office is Mathematics 240A. My schedule follows (times only).

Study Guide for Test III

Here find a few thoughts. This may receive further updates.

Solutions to Test II

Here are solutions to Test II (handwritten).

Thinking about Test II

Test II will be on Tuesday in the second week after break. I will be posting materials here this week as I think about it. Here is the second test I gave in Spring 2014. I believe we have talked about all this stuff. I will give more direction about the sorts of things that I expect to ask on this test before the end of the break: Here in fact is the Spring 2015 review sheet for Test II!

The Spring 2015 Lecture Notes

Here are the lecture notes for our class, initially just a copy of the Spring 2014 lecture notes, which will serve as the basis for ours.

The remark about awarding bonus points to those who find typos remains valid. Exercise sets embedded in the notes are not to be understood as assigned until they acquire a 2015 due date, and assignments will also be noted on this class announcements page.

Information about Test I

I am now planning to give Test I on Thursday, Feb 19th.

Here is a review sheet for Test I from the last time I taught the course, which I have now looked over and updated with my current thinking about your exam. I will post the Test I paper from the last time as soon as I get home: it seems to exist only on my laptop at home...

Here is Test I from Spring 2014.

The Current Assignment

...has moved yet again. The RSA keys and messages are still in progress. The current (and possibly the last) assignment has various pieces: the problems on the sheet here are assigned (covering issues related to the Rabin-Miller misleader counting results); from chapter 19 I assign 19.3, 19.4, and either 19.5 or 19.7. This is due on the last day of class. It is not impossible that I will come up with some problems related to the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem with n=3, but this would be a creative exercise. If I do, they will be posted over the weekend and due at the "final".

here is my RSA message (which has an extra level of puzzlement: it is a picture!). Happy decryption!

A Tidbit

Here is an interesting discussion of how one might discover a proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic (unique prime factorization). This is related to the next lecture.

What appears below is old stuff which can be ignored...

Possibly Useful Old Stuff (from the Spring 2014 class)

The Lecture Notes (and other tools)

Here are the lecture notes. I notice that there are some good note readers out there, catching typos and other slips...keep it up! The notes have been updated 4/28/2014, with the completion of the n=3 case of Fermat's Last Theorem. I have not come up with creative thoughts about homework related to that topic, so I will leave it to Dr. Scheepers to give you your next homework assignment. It was interesting to lecture it; do please read my proof, as in at least one place it differs noticeably from my lecture (though overall the plan is the same, including the strange order). I was unable to post the Macys paper, but the essence of it is in the notes.

I will not be caught up on homework grading tomorrow (I have been ambushed by a trip to the mountains with my Significant Other followed immediately by the Passover holiday) but I should have a new lecture out and a new homework assignment for you to have fun with.

I have found ingredients for the proof of the FLT with n=3. It is quite formidable: it remains to be seen whether I am brave enough to present it!

Here is my Euclidean algorithm spreadsheet calculator.

The Current Assignment(s)

The Assignment posed 4/16/2014 and due 4/25/2014: Some problems from the other book I used for the Rabin witness proof, which I will post in a file here; 30.1, 30.2, 30.3, 31.1, 31.2, 31.3

I am posting an assignment now (4/6/2014, Sunday) though I have not yet updated the notes. I hope I will have those ready by class Wednesday, and of course what I said did (mostly) follow the book. Since I am posting it Sunday the 6th, I am making it due Wednesday the 16th rather than Friday the 11th.

The Assignment: 21.2 (if I did not assign it already), 23.2, 23.3 optional, 23.4, 23.5; 24.1a (exploratory), 24.3 (do this as much by hand as possible), 24.4 (ditto), 24.8 (optional, encouraged, and I'll probably eventually post one), 25.1, 25.2, 25.6 (I don't know the answer...) It is possible that I will add a problem or two based on Wednesday's lecture.

Important Announcement (old)

Test I will be on Friday February 21st. See review sheet just below! Your fourth homework set will be returned graded to you on Wednesday. The coverage of the test includes the material in Homework 5, so make sure that you are armed with questions on Wednesday!

HERE is a review sheet for Test I.

The test has been marked. The grade distribution (using a rather esoteric formula) was 100, 93, 72, 70, 65. I'll go over the test tomorrow.

The Review Sheet for Test II (old)

Here is the review sheet for the Test on March 21st.