Math 314, Fall 2014 Class Announcements Page

Welcome to the class announcements page. This page will contain Useful Information for the class which is not on the schedule in the syllabus. New information will be added at the top.

Test 3 and Course Grades Posted

Here are the grades on Test 3 and your course letter grades posted by the ID on your test 3 paper. I computed Test 3 grades directly from your best sections (I didn't compute any averages, I was not intending to apply any adjustments). The appropriate adjustments were made to earlier test grades (Test I grades were improved considerably in several cases). Have a good break!

Information about Test III and my handwritten solutions (not guaranteed in any way) to Tests I and II.

Test III will consist of (possibly modified) versions of Test I and II. You will need to write at least 4 of the 8 sections in the two tests to get full marks on Test III. If you do more sections, you will get your best sections marked for Test III purposes.

In addition, any section (not individual question) that you do better on on Test III than you did on Test I or II will be used to improve your grade on that section in Test I or II as appropriate. Any sections you do will be used in this way (whether included in your Test III marking base or not).

Here are my handwritten solutions to Tests I and II. They are not guaranteed in any way, and you should remember that some problems in Tests I and II are likely to be changed.

Happy studying!

And please fill out the online evaluations!

Test II Results

Here are the corrected Test II results. There was an error in my spreadsheet calculation of the grades which I corrected; I did not lower anyones grade and in fact the effect of the error was most pronounced on students who did well.

Information about Pending Test: Practice Questions are Here

Test II will cover whatever we have covered at the end of class on the Friday before break. It will be held in class on the first Friday after the break. Review material will be supplied, watch this space.

Here are the practice questions. This is a lot longer than the actual exam, which you should expect to have similar length and format to the first exam, but I have given you more things to think about under each heading.

Chapter 8 Homework Posted

It's in the notes on p. 111. Due Friday before break. Start at once, it is hard.

Test I Scores

Here find the test scores. An acceptable distribution was achieved using the kind of grade formula I expected to use (description given in the score list page). No makeups are to be expected.

Practice test questions

Find here the practice exam.

Old Test I papers

Practice test from fall 2009 with some solutions

Spring 2011 test I paper

Part I; Part II: The test from Fall 2011, which was given in two sittings. I am not thinking of giving a test in two sittings.

New assignment posted on Oct 12

Here is the assignment. The assignment is also found in the notes.

This is officially due on Oct 24, after the test on Oct 22, but if you turn it in by October 17th I will grade it before the test.

Assignment given Friday 26 Sept due Oct 6 section 5.8 in the notes!

Computer Lab I

Here is the first computer lab. The lab should be submitted officially by next Friday at midnight (though I am quite patient about late computer labs).

My Marcel page

Office hours

My office hours are set to be 12:30-2 pm MWF and 3:30-5 pm TTh. My other class meets MWF 9-10:15 am. I have logic seminar W 3-4 pm and department tea and coffee break Th 2-3:30.

Class notes from Fall 2011 and assignments due 9/10/2014 and 9/12/2014

Here are a set of class notes I developed in Fall 2011. I will be editing these into our own notes as we go along.

The assignment due next Wednesday is in this document, right at the end of the section A Sneak Preview which you should read to review today's lecture.

Problems with ordering the book

The bookstore is having no luck contacting the publisher (which is actually a fly-by-night outfit run by the author) to fill our order, so, against my usual policy, I am advising you to order it from Amazon or similar sources on the web. It will not be urgent that you have it for the first week or two.

The author is Michael Spivak, the title is Calculus (it pretends to be a Math 170/175 book, but isn't) You want the fourth edition (this matters).

ISBN 978-0-914098-91-1 (accept no substitutes!)

Late breaking news: I have heard from the author, and he says the book may be shipped soon. I would still try ordering from another source, but it now seems that there will eventually be some copies in the bookstore.

Further news about the book: I heard from the author after class on 9/5/2014 that copies should be shipping today.