Math 275, Summer 2013: Class Announcements

Welcome to the class! Class announcements and useful documents will appear here. New material will be added at the top. Homework assignments will appear in the schedule embedded in the syllabus.

Final Grades Posted

Grades for Test 4, the final exam and the course here

Partial Solutions for Tests I and II

Here are partial solutions to Tests I and II. Problems not appearing have no close analogue on the final.

Test IV and Final Exam Review Sheet

I do not have a sample final. Here is the fall 2006 test 4 paper. Here is a review sheet I made up for you.

Test III Grades and Solutions

Grades on Test III posted here. The test will be returned on Tuesday; someone is taking it after class on Monday. Here are the solutions. I will post solutions to Tests I and II within a day or two.

Test III review advice

A brief review sheet is found here. Happy studying!

Sample Test III paper

Problem 6 on the sample Test II and problems 1-5 on the sample Test III here are relevant to the test Thursday.

Test II Grades Posted

Your grades are posted by the ID number on your test here.

Test II Study Guide here. I have been asked for solutions to the sample test; if I produce these, they will also appear here.

Test II is Moved

Test II will be held on July 9, the Tuesday after the Independence Day break, and will cover material up to July 2 according to my present plan (I may change my mind and include material covered on July 3rd as well; certainly not material covered on July 8).

Please notice that I have revised the schedule of sections and written some homework sets in advance. Of course these may slip depending on how far we actually get each day.

Here find the sample Test II from 2006. You will see that it does not provide an abundance of chapter 13 problems. I will be providing guidance on what kinds of exam questions you can expect.

Test I Grades

Here find the grades on Test I posted by the ID number on your test paper.

Test I from 2006

Here is Test I from the last time I taught this class, in Spring 2006. The questions look to be very much the sorts of things I would ask on your exam. Your exam might be a bit longer: that 2006 class had only 55 minutes. I have the other hour exams but not the final on my computer; I'll put them up when it is time to review for those tests. Here is a partial solution set (problems 1-7). 8 and 9 I did in class today.

The Lecture Notes (these will stay in the same place)

Here are lecture notes (through 12.6 as I write this, but I seem to be in the habit of writing them every day). The topics for the Monday June 16 lecture are here.