Math 406, Spring 2016: Class Announcements


Welcome to the class! Class announcements and useful documents will appear here. New material will be added at the top. Make it a habit to look here. I'm going to try keeping the lecture notes and an indication of the current assignments at the top of the page: watch for other things that might appear below.

The Lecture Notes from 2016 (and other tools)

Here are the lecture notes from 2016: we will transform them into "the lecture notes from 2018" as we go along. I am sure that there are some good note readers out there, who can catch typos and other, and find them (I give points if you find them before I do)!

Here is my Euclidean algorithm spreadsheet calculator.

Office Hours and Schedule

I am teaching Math 187, Discrete and Foundational Mathematics, MWF 9--9:50 am in Education Building 520 and Math 406, Advanced Number Theory, WF 10:30--11:45 in MB 139. I participate in the logic seminar, which will meet weekly at a time to be announced. I expect to be around most of the day MWF and do not know what my routine will be like on TTh. I will post office hours in the first week or so.