Math 275, Fall 2013: Class Announcements

Welcome to the class! Class announcements and useful documents will appear here. New material will be added at the top.

Office Hours

I have official office hours MWF 10:30—11:30 AM and WF 3—4 PM. I have logic seminar at 3 PM Mondays so I will not be in my office then.

Final Exam Resources

Here is an review sheet which we will go over in class. I may add more homework problems to this review sheet later. Here is the summer 2013 test 4 and final paper (again). I wasn't able to find the 2006 final exam paper in the summer, and I still can't find it. Note that all the old hour exam papers are also study resources for the final. I remind you again that I will review with you Monday and Wednesday, and the LA will review during class time on Friday (I will not be present). Here are solutions to Test III. Here are solutions to Test IV.

Test IV Grades Posted

Here are the grades on Test IV. Papers will not be returned until Wednesday as I have a number of students who have not taken the exam yet.

Further Announcement

I have decided to stop lecturing new material at this point. Section 16.4 simply looks too involved to be given justice at the very last minute in the semester, and 17.2, which I would really like to get to...requires 16.4. I shall say a few words about the proof of Green's Theorem and generalizations of the theorem, but at this point our main work is review for Test IV today and review for the final next week. Recall also that I will not be here on Friday Dec 13th; the LA will run a study session during our usual class time.

Test IV Resources

Here is the fall 2006 test 4 paper. Here is the summer 2013 test 4 and final paper. Here are solutions to all problems on those tests which are relevant to the coming Test IV. Here is a review sheet for your Test IV with a couple of additional sample problems.

Test III Grades

Here are the grades for students who took the exam in the classroom, posted by the ID number on your test.

Test III Resources

Test III is on November 8th. It will cover sections 14.5 to 15.3. I will lecture on section 12.7 on Monday, but I will not include this in Test III coverage as it is being presented to support following sections which are not on this test. I will have more to say about kinds of things I might ask in class on Monday and Wednesday.

Problem 6 on the sample Test II from 2006 and problems 1-5 on the sample Test III from 2006 here are relevant to the test Thursday. Here is the Test III paper from summer 2013.

Test II Grades

Here are the Test II grades for those who took the exam in class. Papers will be returned on Wednesday (someone is taking the test tomorrow); I will post solutions after I have that last paper in hand. Here are the solutions.

Test II Resources

Test II will be on Friday October 11 as scheduled. It covers sections 13.4 to 14.4.

Here are partial solutions to Tests I and II from my summer class. Here is the complete summer Test II paper (without solutions). Here find the sample Test II from 2006. Look here at Test III question 1 (and only question 1) from the summer for a 14.4 question.

Please notice that problem 4 (on curvature) on the summer Test II is not included in the solutions I posted (because I posted those solutions for study on the summer 2013 final, and I did not ask about curvature on the final). I will post solutions to problem 4: here

Find here the study guide I gave out for Test II in the summer, revised a bit to reflect our different coverage. This guide has lists of relevant sample homework problems in it; I will make sure that I add a similar list for 14.4. Also recall that we are starting at 13.4 not 13.1.

Hint for 14.2 problem 34

When I got to my office I was able to think it through...

To show that the limits don't exist if a+b is less than or equal to 2, think about what happens if you approach along the line y=x (so everything is just about powers of x).

To show that the limit does exist if a+b > 2, consider the fact that each of |x| and |y| is less than or equal to the square root of x^2 + y ^2 (the distance of (x,y) from the origin). Then you can bound the function by a function of x^2+y^2 and see that it must converge (once again, we in effect put everything in terms of a single variable u = x^2+y^2 and get to M170 limits.)

That should be enough to get you started.

Test I Grades

Here are the grades on Test I (with the exception of one student who took the exam late). Here are the solutions.

WebAssign Issues

If you have trouble logging into Webassign, use the Webassign feature which allows you to ask me for an extension. I know where my messages are and how to respond to them now. Do send me a regular email at the same time that you send any Webassign request.

Date of Exam Changed

The date of Test I has been changed to Wednesday Sept 25th. I'll have something to say in this space shortly about coverage.

Here is Test I from Spring 2006. Here is Test I from this summer and here is Test 2. You need both. My exams typically contain hand-drawn pictures, which will not usually be found in versions posted online.


I made some changes in the syllabus (editing errors due to transferring things from the summer verbatim and due to the change to web-based homework. It is useful to be aware that the syllabus is always subject to change; I will warn you when I have made modifications.

Please note that the schedule pasted below is not a homework schedule for you: your homework is on WebAssign. It is the summer section's homework adapted to our schedule this term; it is mostly useful to given an unofficial idea of what I intend to cover when. You may very well find that your WebAssign problems are very similar! [I also notice that this file still said it was summer announcements].

WebAssign will be used – watch for details in this space

I will be using WebAssign for homework in this course. Watch this space for details.

Here is the WebAssign student quick start guide.

If you did not receive the email with the course code, write to me and I'll reply with it.

Tentative Non-Official Draft Schedule

This shows the sections I hope to cover on specific days and also includes the homework assignments I gave for those sections in Summer 2013. Your WebAssign assignments will sometimes but surely not always be modelled on these. Nothing here is graven in stone.

Old Stuff from Summer 2013

Partial Solutions for Tests I and II

Here are partial solutions to Tests I and II. Problems not appearing have no close analogue on the final.

Test IV and Final Exam Review Sheet

I do not have a sample final. Here is the fall 2006 test 4 paper. Here is a review sheet I made up for you.

Test III Solutions

Here are the solutions. I will post solutions to Tests I and II within a day or two.

Test III review advice

A brief review sheet is found here. Happy studying!

Sample Test III paper

Problem 6 on the sample Test II and problems 1-5 on the sample Test III here are relevant to the test Thursday.

Test II Study Guide here. I have been asked for solutions to the sample test; if I produce these, they will also appear here.

Here find the sample Test II from 2006. You will see that it does not provide an abundance of chapter 13 problems. I will be providing guidance on what kinds of exam questions you can expect.

Test I from 2006

Here is Test I from the last time I taught this class, in Spring 2006. The questions look to be very much the sorts of things I would ask on your exam. Your exam might be a bit longer: that 2006 class had only 55 minutes. I have the other hour exams but not the final on my computer; I'll put them up when it is time to review for those tests. Here is a partial solution set (problems 1-7). 8 and 9 I did in class today.

The Lecture Notes (these will stay in the same place)

Here are lecture notes (through 12.6 as I write this, but I seem to be in the habit of writing them every day). The topics for the Monday June 16 lecture are here.