Math 187 section 004 Spring 2012 Class Announcements

New material will be added to this file at the top.

Here are the final exam and course letter grades posted by Test ID number.

Sample final exam papers from past semesters:

M187Su06final.pdf A good study resource for you – everything here is something I might ask. This particular test has some irritating typos in it.

M187F06final.pdf we didnt do bubble sort; otherwise this is quite similar in coverage.

M187S07final.pdf This is a nice study resource for you, too. Since it is a summer exam, it has quite a lot of the later material (it is also test 4, as it were).

M187F08final.pdf Disregard the question about groups. This was from the semester where we were trying to save paper and made the students use blue books, so it doesn't have a separate page for each question.

M187S10final.pdf Also a good test. Notice that problems in the same area are not always phrased the same in these exams; these tests are not clones (some questions are pretty stereotyped, of course).

Here is the answer key for Test 4.

Here are the Test 4 grades.

Here is a handwritten sheet with some graph theory problems useful for the test. more graph theory

Here are sample Test 4 papers. These may differ substantially in coverage from our Test IV. We are covering sections 37, 38, 42, 45, 24, 46, 48, 50 in one way or another. I'll talk more about coverage on Wednesday. Fall 2006; Spring 2007; Summer 2006 final (this has a lot of Test 4 questions); look at problem 7 on in the summer 2006 final.

Here is the section 45 worksheet (two extra problems).

Here are the grades on Test III. You will also get an estimate of your standing in the course on your test paper when it is returned.

Here is the section 42 worksheet. Notice that there are also section 38 problems assigned Friday on the schedule now.

Sample Test III papers (sorry these are late): Fall 2006; Fall 2008; Spring 2007; Summer 2006; Summer 2007. Happy studying!

Here are the grades on Test II.

Sample Test II papers: Fall 2006 Test II; Fall 08 Test II; Spring 2007 Test II; Spring '10 Test II; Summer 06 Test II; an old Test II review sheet

Grades on Test I posted by the ID number on your paper.

Samples of Test I papers from previous terms: Spring 2010 Test I Spring 2007 Test I Fall 2008 Test I

Fall 2006 Test I

Here is our manual of logical style. I am still working on it; more material will be added.

Here is your second logic worksheet. Use the manual of logical style above for reference; it contains descriptions of the rules and examples.

January 12th: see you on Tuesday!

Definition: an integer x is special if and only if there is a unique integer y such that 1<y<x and y|x.