Class Announcements Page for Math 187, Foundational and Discrete Math, Fall 2018

Welcome to the class

This is where homework assignments and other class resources will be posted and class announcements will be made. The most recent material will generally appear on top, except perhaps for a couple of commonly used resources. Here is the course syllabus, to start off with. See you on Monday!

Manual of Logical Style

This is a document I will maintain in which our official proof strategies and logical rules will be recorded.

Due Dates

Your assignments are always due two class sessions after they are assigned, not counting dates of tests, unless I specifically say otherwise. If I do not state a due date, that is how you tell when it is due. I do usually say something about the due date when I assign it and even might remark on it when commenting on the due date, but if I do not do this, it is still due two sessions after it is assigned.

Test IV, Final Exam, and Course Grades

Here are the indicated grades, posted by the ID on your Test IV and Final paper.

Test IV and Final Prep

Here and Here find all the readily accessible Test IV and final practice material. I scanned many tests into two large PDF documents.

Test I Solutions

Here are solutions to Test I. They do not include problem 5, which was disregarded because of a typo (you will see something like it again).

Test III Preparation

Test III is on Friday, November 9th. It covers sections 21 to 26 (excluding section 25).

A set of practice problems is here. This is a collection of the relevant problems from most of the tests I have, hand-numbered so you can tell me which ones you are asking about. Happy studying!

A solution set for Test III is here.

Test II Grades and Solutions

Here are the grades on Test II posted by the ID number on your test.

Here are the solutions to Test II.

Week 15

Week 14

Week 13

Week 12

Week 11

Week 10

Week 9

  • Friday Oct 19 (writing on Sunday): lectured more chapter 22, induction: second induction homework assignment due next Friday (partly because I'm late posting it, but I think extra time is needed anyway): 22.5 all parts, 22.16 all parts (but I did one of these!), 21.3, 21.4, 21.7, 21.8 (chapter 21 problems to be done by chapter 22 methods; Ill talk about chapter 21's approach in the next lecture). Notice that Monday's assignment is not due until Wednesday: use the extra time to ask questions on Monday!

  • Monday Oct 15: lectured section 22 on math induction. We will be talking about this for several days! first induction assignment: 22.4 parts a-d (as separate problems), 22.9, 22.10, 22.17, 21.2 (I did this in class, but it is good for you to write it out yourself), 21.6. Don't look at section 21; the 21 problems are to be done by 22 methods.

    This is due a week from the test (Wednesday next week). I fully expect lots of questions on Friday!

    Week 8

    Week 7

    Week 6

    Week 5

    Week 4

    Week 3

    Week 2

    Week 1

    Materials for Test I

    Samples of Test I papers from previous terms: Spring 2010 Test I Spring 2007 Test I Fall 2008 Test I

    Fall 2006 Test I. Here is the Spring 2012 Test I paper.

    Here is the Spring 2013 Test I paper with solutions.

    Here is the Fall 2013 Test I paper with solutions.

    Here is the Fall 2016 Test I paper with solutions.

    Here are the Fall 2017 Test I and II papers with solutions. These tests are rather different from yours; we were using a different book. There are some relevant questions in Test 1, and there are two formal proof questions in Test II.

    Here is the Spring 2018 Test I.

    Test II preliminary announcement

    Test II will be on Wed Oct 17, and I expect it to cover sections 11 through 19 (but in any case, whatever we have covered by Friday's class). I will post sample exams before Wednesday's class.

    Fall '06 (everything but the last question)

    Fall 08: everything is relevant (has solutions)

    Spring 2010 all relevant

    Spring 2012, no Hasse diagrams, no induction, otherwise relevant.

    Spring 2013, relevant, solutions.

    Spring 2018, all relevant.

    Summer 2006, all but the last question.

    just for the first question

    just for the first two questions