Class Announcements Page for Math 187, Foundational and Discrete Math, Fall 2016

Welcome to the class

This is where homework assignments will be posted and class announcements will be made. Here is the course syllabus, to start off with. See you on Monday!

Proof strategies handout

Here is the current state of my proof strategies handout. More stuff to be added...

Test IV and Final Exam Resources (copied from my last Math 187 class page)

The general thing to notice from all these study resources is that we have not covered any graph theory, and will not. The additional topic we will do for a couple of days next week is theorems about prime factorization and the RSA cryptographic algorithm. We also have not covered permutations. A price was paid for reducing the course from 4 credits to 3 credits; we cannot cover as much.

Solutions to the worksheets now appear under week 15.

The hour exams are of course study resources for this test. Here is a set of solutions to your Test I (speaking in Fall 2013). Here is Test II with solutions (in fall 2013). Here is Test III with solutions (Fall 2013). All of the old hour exams are study resources as well (see below).

Here are detailed solutions to two of the problems on the RSA worksheet.

Here is the Spring 2013 final exam.

Here is the Spring 2012 final exam. You will not have a proof question about graph theory.

Comments on the following final papers were written in Spring 2012. Their coverage was not identical to yours but they should be useful.

M187Su06final.pdf A good study resource for you – everything here is something I might ask. This particular test has some irritating typos in it.

M187F06final.pdf we didnt do bubble sort; otherwise this is quite similar in coverage.

M187S07final.pdf This is a nice study resource for you, too. Since it is a summer exam, it has quite a lot of the later material (it is also test 4, as it were).

M187F08final.pdf Disregard the question about groups. This was from the semester where we were trying to save paper and made the students use blue books, so it doesn't have a separate page for each question.

M187S10final.pdf Also a good test. Notice that problems in the same area are not always phrased the same in these exams; these tests are not clones (some questions are pretty stereotyped, of course).

Test IV and Final

It is useful for you to know that I will not be giving an in-class Test IV; what will happen instead is a two part event in the final exam period, a fairly short Test IV and a further set of questions cumulative over the course. You will receive a Test IV grade and a cumulative final exam grade based on this, with the weight of the cumulative final reduced slightly. This is what I always do in the summer, and it is not unusual for me to end up doing it in a regular term.

Review material for Test IV and the final will start to appear next week.

Week Fifteen

Week Fourteen

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Week One

Results of Test III...

Posted by the ID on your test paper, here.

Date of Test III...

...will be Friday, November 11th. Review materials to appear soon.

Here are solutions to Test 3 from Fall 2013.

Here are solutions to Test 3 from Spring 2013.

Other sample Test III papers: Fall 2006; Fall 2008; Spring 2007; Summer 2006; Summer 2007. Spring 2012 Some of these have different coverage from your test in ways which should be obvious.

Date of Test II... Wednesday, October 19th. Details to follow.

Sample tests will appear sometime this evening or during the weekend.

Sample Test II papers: Fall 2006 Test II; Fall 08 Test II; Spring 2007 Test II; Spring '10 Test II; Summer 06 Test II; an old Test II review sheet Spring 2012 Test II paper

Here are the solutions to my Spring 2013 Test II.

Here is a little sheet of counting problems which I gave my spring 2013 class. Some of them are good practice for the test (the simpler ones!)

The tests do not all have identical coverage to ours. Questions that were on our Test I, or which mention things like Hasse diagrams and mathematical induction that we have not covered yet, are not going to be on this test. The counting word problems are on this test, and there are plenty of examples in these sample tests.

One more warning: a problem on the level of difficulty of the first two problems on the proof strategy handout is fair game.

Test II Grades

Here are the Test II grades posted by the numerical ID on your test.

Test I Results

Here are the grades on Test I posted using the ID number on your test.

Other announcements related to the test have been moved to the bottom of this file (such as the sample tests, which you may want to use when you study for the final as well).

Here is the test with solutions.

Test I sample papers

Samples of Test I papers from previous terms: Spring 2010 Test I Spring 2007 Test I Fall 2008 Test I

Fall 2006 Test I. Here is the Spring 2012 Test I paper.

Here is the Spring 2013 Test I paper with solutions.

Here is the Fall 2013 Test I paper with solutions.

Test I delayed

Test I will be one week later than is stated in the syllabus, on Friday Sept 23d. As the time gets closer, there will some review material.