Math 175, Calculus II, section 002, Fall 2014 Class Announcements Page

Welcome to the class announcements page. This page will contain Useful Information for the class which is not on the schedule in the syllabus or in WebAssign. New information will be added at the top.

Grades on Final and Letter Grade in Course

Here are the grades on the final exam and your letter grade in the course, posted by the ID number on your final exam paper.

Review for Final

I think the collection of old tests is good; I can't think of a topic I am likely to cover which isn't on one of these or prominent in your hour exams.

I included a couple of ancient review sheets based on different books: these will be replaced with a tailor-made review sheet for you with your section numbers, soon. The old review sheets still might be worth looking at just to get an idea what I think the major topics are. You will of course notice that coverage is not identical from year to year (and with different books).

Here is your official final review sheet for the Fall 2014 final.

Here is a final from 2008. 2b, 3c, are things we didn't do. Everything else is worth studying.

Here is the Summer 2011 final. Test 4 and the final were given together, as always in the summer. All questions are relevant for your study purposes.

Here is a final from 2001. 5, 6d are not relevant to you. Everything else is worth studying.

Here is a final from 2002. Problems 7 and 8 are not relevant to you; everything else is worth studying.

Test 4 Grades Posted

Here are the Test 4 grades. Papers will not be returned on Monday as a student is taking the exam Monday morning after class.

Practice test problems for Test IV

Test IV will be on Friday, Dec 5th. It will cover section 10.7, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.8. Here are practice problems for you to study. I will post solutions to these on Wednesday or Thursday.

Grades on Test III (and solutions)

Here are the grades on Test III. Please be aware when you get your paper back (in case I forget to mention it) that your estimated course grade is not actually fully up to date because at 10 pm when I finished marking I did not take the time to update the homework grade. I'll do this later; it should not have a major effect.

Here are the solutions to Test III.

Sample test questions for Test III (now with solutions)

Here is the sample Test III paper. Here is the sample Test III paper with solutions. If you hand in this paper on Friday or Monday it will be graded and returned promptly.

Test III is deferred

No test on Friday the 7th November; I have not decided when I will hold it.

solutions to series quiz

Here are the solutions to the series quiz.

Test II grades posted

Here are the grades on Test II for those who took it in class on Friday, posted by the magic number on your test paper.

sorry about versioning error

The sample Test II problems are back! The problem was that I accidentally edited an old version of the page when I added the 6.3-4 problems. My apologies!

6.3/6.4 review sheet

This sheet has two practice problems with partial answers for you to work on for the repeat of number 7 on the first test.

Review material for Oct 17 Test II

Keep an eye on this area, I may add more material.

October 8 Quiz

Here is a prettily printed version of the quiz.

Here are my solutions (any solutions I post may contain errors in them!)

October 1 Quiz

Here is a prettily printed version of the quiz.

Here are my solutions (any solutions I post may contain errors in them!)

Copy of Test I

Here is the promised opportunity to do the homework assignment "redo problem 7 on the test". I am lazily supplying you with a copy of the entire test instead of problem 7, and you will need to draw the picture of the region yourself. Some time in the next couple of days I will post full handwritten solutions here.

Test I Grades Reported

I really wasn't very happy with the test performance and had to do rather dramatic things to get this distribution. I'll say more about this tomorrow. Here is the list of grades posted by the ID on your paper.

Sample tests to study for Test I

Don't forget that we have Test I on Friday! Here is some study material for you.

The coverage on these tests is not the same as on your Test I (which will cover sections 5.6, 5.7, 7.2, 7.3 (with hints), 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4). There is pretty good coverage of the chapter 6 issues in the old Test I papers -- which do NOT have pictures in them (those were hand-drawn; I may add scanned versions with the pictures or may not; you should be able to produce the pictures from my descriptions under study conditions, but you will have pictures in the actual test)

Here is the Spring 2008 Test I. Here is the Spring 2009 Test I. Here is the Spring 2006 Test I. Here (solutions to the Spring 2008 paper, spoilers!) and here are other Test I papers. Here is the Summer 2011 Test I. Here is a Test I from 2002.

Here is the Spring 2008 Test II paper (look at problems 6 and 7). Here is the Spring 2009 Test 4 paper (problems 2 and 3 are 7.2 and 7.3 style problems). Here is the previous Test 4 paper with solutions. The second of the 7.3 problems would be too hard for you (it involves techniques we have not covered); the first and third you should be able to do.

Solutions to last quiz

As I said in class, this will not be graded until Wednesday, but here are the solutions.

Office hours

My office hours are set to be 12:30-2 pm MWF and 3:30-5 pm TTh. My other class meets MWF 10:30-11:45 am. I have logic seminar W 3-4 pm and department tea and coffee break Th 2-3:30.

WebAssign Information

For example, here is the information on the WebAssign section with your class key. Assignments are already posted for this week (they appear in the week when they are due, so the assignments made on Wed and Fri actually appear under Week 2); I will try to stay a week ahead at all times.