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Environment Desktop Commands

``getenv env'' allows one to get the environment (equation under construction in the current theory) called ``env''. The current environment is saved unless it is called ``env'' itself.

``saveenv env'' allows one to save the current equation as ``env''.

Saves the current environment using the ``current theory'' environment variable as name; if the current theory is null, calls it ``backup''.

``dropenv env'' erases environment called ``env''.

Erases all environments on the desktop.

Loads save environments in the theory onto the desktop; one must hit return for each theory. One can use this in combination with clearenvs to unclutter theory files.

Allows one to scan the environments on the desktop (in the current theory). Type ``h'' after typing any ``scan'' command to see the local commands to move from item to item or to quit.

Randall Holmes
Fri Sep 5 16:28:58 MDT 1997