(From Lognet 92/2. Used with the permission of The Loglan Institute, Inc.)

Lo Lerci


Letters policy: Unless otherwise stated, letters sent to The Institute, JCB, or any editor will be considered as offered for publication. But it would be good if the writer explicitly offers. We reserve the right to edit letters, mostly just to drop material that has to do with ordering books, etc. Sometimes a given correspondent will have several letters in the hopper, so to speak, and we will combine them into one purely for the sake of clarity.  We’d be most grateful if you’d enclose a soft copy of your letter on a disk. We can translate most word-processors and having your letters on disk will save us a lot of typing.—Tisra

We have space for only one  letter  this time. The one we've chosen is from a man who is reading Loglan from prison. People who were in the office when his original inquiry arrived put up a pool to get him started.—JCB

Dear Dr. Brown:

... Many thanks to the anonymous donor who was nice enough to purchase L1 and C1-2 for me. ... Thanks are also due The Institute for the dictionary ... and the membership.  My current situation ... limits severely what I can do for The Institute ... but this will change. Eventually The Institute shall benefit ... from its generosity.

About myself: I am thirty years old, single, no children ... I dropped out of school in the ninth grade, ... received my G.E.D., then pretty much allowed education to fall by the wayside.  About six years ago I rediscovered the joys of learning in general, and science in particular.

In the last couple of years I have gravitated slowly toward mathematics, and jumped with both feet into computer programming.  I find the math slow but rewarding and the programming exhilarating.

I am also a hope-to-die science fiction and/or fantasy reader.  It was in ... Heinlein's novel, "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress", that I first encountered the idea of Loglan.  Later, ... I read a [published] letter by one of The Institute's members [probably the 1987 Kennaway letter to Analog.—JCB] ... and thus realized it was real ...

I am currently serving a twelve-year sentence ... [for] Grand Theft. My current release date is set for August of '93 ...

My original interest in Loglan was based on the belief that it was an advanced programming language. ... I found that Loglan as a real language was even more exciting than as something limited to a computer.

My study of Loglan is proceeding at a constant, albeit slow, pace. ... I have made it through to page 300 in L1 so far ...

I like the sound of Loglan. It's much more pleasing on the ear than English, and with practice may be easier to pronounce ... I'm looking forward to being able to read, write, speak,, hear and understand [Loglan] but most important ... to start to think in it. 

Sincerely, Cody Hammond