Fall 2004 Calendar

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This calendar covers both of my courses. It is now complete (but still always subject to change). I may or may not separate the two courses eventually.

The schedule now contains a daily schedule for Math 301: this might serve as a useful indication of what I expect to cover, but the details are subject to change.

I will post dates on which homework assignments are handed out, with links to the assignments themselves if they exist in online form, and dates on which they are due, and I may also use this (and/or the space in my web page pertaining to your class) as a place to post announcements for either class, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on this.

I will also use this as a convenient place to post readings for Math 497. I will post readings in the calendar under the date they are due to be read, rather than under the date when I assign them; this is not the way I did it the first time. Readings should be attacked as soon as they are posted; books should be on reserve in the library (on three hour reserve).

I don't discourage reading further in the books provided (including the ones not mentioned in any assignments yet...)