Schedule of Homework Assignments and Academic Deadlines

I am planning to do Math 314 by ear, but I promise at least one week's warning here of tests. Homework assignments will be posted here or on the main web page (if they are handouts) with a note here to look for them there.

The schedule for Math 333 does not proceed in order through the book. Note that as it is experimental, it is subject to change. If you think that a problem in an assignment requires you to look forward in the book to material we haven't covered yet, please tell me at once (send me email).

This is the OFFICIAL place to find out your assignments; I do not promise to advise you directly of assignments in class. If no due date is given, a Math 314 assignment is due 1 week from the date it is posted and a Math 333 assignment is due two class sessions (not counting exam days and never due on an exam day) from the date it is posted.