Calendar of Tests, Assignments, and Academic Deadlines, Spring 2012

My intention is to hold tests on the indicated dates and adjust content rather than the date of the test.

Assignments will be posted here if they are problems from the book; if I prepare documents, they will be mentioned here but links will be on my main page. Assignments will not necessarily be announced in class; it is your responsibility to find them here.

If a due date is left out it is default (two class sessions after it is assigned in M187, one week after it is assigned in M311); a missing due date does not mean you are off the hook for the assignment...

M187 students, the schedule and assignments are lifted from the last time I taught the course and will be modified as we go along. Any zeroes that may appear are an artifact of the spreadsheet Im using to generate this web page; a zero just means "nothing there". Sections late in the course with no homework are ones I didnt get to last time –that particular class went very slowly, and its very likely that we *will* cover some of that material.

Please do not hesitate to send me email if you think an assignment should be here and it is not!

Math 187 meets in MG120 MTuWF 1:40-2:30 PM; final exam Wed May 9th 1-3 pm.

Math 311 meets in MG120 TuTh 8:15-9:30 AM; final exam Tues May 8th 8-10 am.