Math 402/502, Logic and Set Theory, Spring 2017, Class Announcements Page


Welcome to the class. You should expect to find homework assignments and other important class announcements and links to class resources on this page. You should be in the habit of checking this page regularly; I will not necessarily say much about homework assignments in class -- this is the official place to find out about them!

I will generally add new material near the top (a few items will stay at the top).

Office Hours and other schedule information

My office hours are stated on my office door card (which is also attached to my office door), which also includes the times of my classes and seminars. I am thinking of typically coming in late on Mondays and leaving early Wednesdays and Fridays: at times when I am working at home, e-mail will reach me.

The Text

This is your textbook. It may mutate as we go through the semester!

The Marcel theorem prover

Here is the link where source and documentation for the Marcel theorem prover are found. We will be using the Python version.

Here is the lab manual.

April 25th (and last) homework

This is due at the final exam period. It does include stuff which you can't approach until after I give the last lecture Thursday.

The 5.2 exercises, 1,2,4; exercises 5.3.1, 1,2,4; optional (as many parts as you can manage); (optional; I'll be impressed if you can make the essential point here; this requires the Thursday lecture).

Do note that I offer a lecture on the incompleteness theorems during the final exam period (as a piece of performance art) if you want to show up.

April 19 Homework

Our lecture on the 18th can be supported by reading sections 3.16 (the first proof of Zorn's Lemma given is basically the one given in class) and sections 4.1, 4.3, 4.5, and 4.6. Your homework, which may be quite challenging [feel absolutely free to ask about it in class: I may give away whole problems]: 4.1.1 problem 1, 4.1.1 problem 2, 4.5.1 problem 1 (remember that I described the finite ranks V0, V1, V2, V3... and their sizes in the lecture), 4.5.1 problem 2. This is due on the last day of class. There will be one more assignment, due at the final exam time (though we are not having a final). It is possible that I will come up with one or two additional problems for this assignment, no later than Monday morning (easier ones, not harder ones!)

April 7 Homework

Finished lecturing section 3.13 on Thursday the 6th. Your homework due Thursday the 13th is 3.12.1a (show which properties stated for the real number system are true of the positive rationals (prove them using the representation of fractions I give) and which are false (give counterexamples).), and 3.13.1 problems 1,2,3,4 (fun with infinite ordinals). Also do 3.13.1 problem 5, as I mentioned on Tuesday.

Week 10

Week 8

  • Thursday March 2: currently in the middle of section 3.9. Homework due March 9: in section 3.9.1, problems 1-3. Notice that in problem 3 you need only do two parts, but you are encouraged to do more and will benefit. I will do a demonstration re problem 1 if you remind me.

    Week 7

    Test I...

    will be on Thursday February 16th. More news as it develops.

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