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Information and Policies

M. Randall Holmes.

Office number:
Office telephone:
Office hours:
TBA, and see ``open office policy'' below.
Home telephone:
345-2899 (please do not use after 8:30 pm or between 6 pm Friday and noon Sunday).

Web page

This syllabus and other course information will be accessible from my web page.

Title of Course:
Math 171: the Maple lab for Calculus I. This is section 8.

We meet 8:40 to 9:30 am each day except Thursday in MG 104 (the Maple computer lab).

Final exam date and time:
Tuesday, May 14, 8:00-10:00 am in MG 104 (it is difficult to determine from the official schedule when we should have this exam; you will have use of the computers on the final).

A Maple Approach to Calculus, by John T. Gresser. This book has been used before, so there might be used copies.

It is expected that students taking this free-standing section of Math 171, which is usually the lab component of Math 170 (Calculus I) will have taken the equivalent of our Calculus I already. Students who do not already know some calculus should not be in this class. Students who do not meet the formal prerequisite (Math 147 with a C or better or equivalent in transfer credit) will be administratively withdrawn if this comes to my attention: no exceptions will be made.

Getting into the Class:
My universal statement on this subject is appended, but I do not expect this class to be full!

If you are trying to get into the class, you should come to class and watch constantly for openings on the web registration. I will not admit students over the capacity of the room. If you intend to drop, please do so promptly so that someone else who is waiting can get in.

Attendance will not be formally taken, except for the first meeting of the class. Students who do not attend the first meeting are subject to administrative withdrawal. In general, you are expected to attend this class every week.

Homework in this class will take the form of Maple lab assignments. The assignment given each week will be due by the end of the following class session, and is expected to be handed in by electronic mail to my account on baron (not to my e-mail address on diamond).

The only exam given in this class will be the final exam.

Late Work and Makeups:
I will be flexible about the homework deadlines, within reason. Since the only exam is the final, the issue of make-up exams does not seem relevant.

Computation of Grades:
Your grade will be determined mostly by your homework: the final exam will be ten percent of your grade.

Open Office Policy:
My office hours for these classes are to be announced. I will almost always be in my office at the officially scheduled times, and I will try to warn you when I will not be. If I am in my office during a posted office hour, I am available to help you.

Don't assume that these are the only times when you can get help! I am generally in my office the entire working day (I take either the 4:40 or the 5:10 bus home) and I am never offended by a student asking me for help if I am in the office (though I may help only briefly if I am very busy).

I have access to Maple in my office, but I will also be willing to come down to the lab to help you during my official office hours or at other times (depending on how busy I am). I may designate an hour or two a week when I will be in the lab - I haven't decided about this.

Academic Honesty:
Please hand in your own work on computer labs. You will not have lab partners in this class, and I expect each student to work by himself or herself. On the final exam, you will be allowed to use the computer, with access to your own files and any files in my public directory made available for this course, but you will not be permitted to use the computer to communicate with other students (or anyone else) nor to access resources others than those indicated. Penalties for dishonesty can include a score of 0 on the relevant assignment or exam, or if repeated incidents occur, a grade of F in the course.

The word ``yesterday'' is defined to mean the previous class session; the word ``tomorrow'' is defined to mean the next class session, unless I specifically say otherwise :-)

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Randall Holmes