Schedule of Homework Assignments and Academic Deadlines, Fall 2011

In Math 170, an assignment is generally "due" two class sessions after it is assigned (not including exam dates as class sessions). If I don't explicitly give a due date for an assignment, that is when it is due. When an assignment is "due", that usually means that I will give a homework quiz on that content on or after the due date (I will sometimes quiz more than one section at a time). I do reserve the right to actually collect homework papers on the due date; do have them with you (and of course you want them with you because you are allowed to use them on the quiz).

Homework quizzes cannot be made up. If you hand in your homework paper in advance of a class you are going to miss, I can use it to compute a quiz grade. A certain number of homework quizzes will be dropped at the end of the term.

In Math 314, an assignment is to be turned in one week after it is assigned, if no explicit due date is given on the schedule. Late homework papers are accepted, possibly for less value.