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General Information and Office Hours

Math/Geology 240A

Office Phone Number:

Home Phone Number:

345-2899. You are quite welcome to call me, but not after 8:30 pm or between 6 pm Friday and 6 pm Saturday.

Office Hours in MG 104:

My office hours in the calculus lab (which Math 156 students are welcome to attend) are 1:40-2:30 MTWF

Office Hours in MG 240A:
MWThF at 8:40-9:30 am.

Class Hours:

Math 156, 7:40-8:30 am every day except Thursday; Math 204, 12:40-1:30 pm every day.

Open Office Policy:

I am usually in my office during working hours as indicated above and will usually (but not always) be willing to talk to students if I am in my office. Don't be shy about asking!

Math Tutoring:

There is a Math Tutoring room across the hall from my office!

Late arrivals and early departures:

Don't be shy about coming into class late or leaving early if you need to. There is no problem about this as long as you are not disruptive. I do not need to know about absences from class unless exams are affected.

Randall Holmes
Thu Apr 16 09:35:31 MDT 1998