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Text and Class Activities

We will be using the current draft of the textbook which Dr. Steve Grantham have been writing specifically for this course. As during the past few semesters, we will try to provide as much of the text as possible free of charge; this will depend on how well our department's photocopy machine holds up under the load. You will receive the text in several installments. Dr. Grantham welcomes feedback (directly or through me), questions, error reports, and constructive criticism of the text. You will notice that it contains more ``ordinary English" than many texts you have used before. Dr. Grantham tries to explain things thoroughly and make it a text which you can understand, but this will work only if you actually read it carefully. We expect you to read the appropriate section of the text before each class.

I am continually trying to reduce the amount of ``lecturing" I do, and to spend more class time answering questions, working on problems, amplifying points in the text, etc. The key point is to keep you actively involved in learning. The success of this approach will depend to a large degree on how well you are prepared when you come to class.

Randall Holmes
Thu Apr 16 09:35:31 MDT 1998