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Course Objectives


  1. To give you a feeling for what mathematics is really about and help you learn to think mathematically.
  2. To help you learn to use the language of mathematics correctly and effectively.
  3. To familiarize you with the foundational ideas on which all of mathematics is based.
  4. To acquaint you with several major topics in discrete mathematics--topics that are interesting both for their own sake and for their applications, especially in computer science.
  5. To help you learn how to construct rigorous mathematical proofs.
  6. To convince you that mathematics is a creative activity with an aesthetic component.
This course is still evolving; we continue to learn things from teaching it, and we hope to use what we have learned to make it a better course. It is definitely a challenging course, and you will need to work hard at it, but if you do it will prepare you well for further courses in mathematics and computer science.

Randall Holmes
Thu Apr 16 09:35:31 MDT 1998