Matlab Graphics in VisClaw: Gallery and Examples

Below is a gallery of examples from the Matlab graphics tools available with the Clawpack plotting package visclaw. These graphics tools extend standard Matlab plotting routines by allowing for easy plotting of both 2d and 3d adaptively refined mesh data produced from AMRClaw and solutions on 2d manifolds, produced from either single grid Clawpack, or AMRClaw. In each of these cases, the user can easily switch on or off the plotting of grid lines (on a per-level basis), contour lines, isosurfaces, and AMR patch borders, cubes and other graphical items. In 3d, the user can create a custom set of slices, and then loop through the slices in the x,y or z directions. All visualization assumes finite volume data, and individual plot "patches" use cell-averaged values to color mesh cells directly. No graphical interpolation is done when mapping to the colormap.

To try out these examples and to test that you have the visclaw Matlab tools setup correctly, download the source code for each example from the link provided in the figure caption. After you have the visclaw graphics installed (via github), make sure that the path to visclaw/src/matlab is in your Matlab path. Then, from the example directories you downloaded, use the command :

>> plotclaw2


>> plotclaw3

from the Matlab prompt. Each subdirectory comes with example output files, so you do not need to run any simulations to try out the graphics.

To get help on Clawgraphics, type

>> help clawgraphics

at the Matlab prompt.

Output files included with the example directories were all produced using version 4.3 of either Clawpack or AMRClaw.

Below is a gallery of examples. From links in the caption, you can download the example in tar.gz format, or browse the code. files.

The Matlab plotting routines available with visclaw were also used to produce graphics for the ForestClaw webpage.

Matlab Graphics Gallery and Examples

Single grid acoustics (2d, 1.9Mb) (.tar.gz, browse)

AMR acoustics with interface (2d, 5.4Mb) (.tar.gz, browse)

Single grid radially symmetric solution to Euler equations (3d, 1.2Mb) (.tar.gz, browse)

AMR solution to Burgers equation (3d, 15Mb) (.tar.gz, browse)

Plotting single grid acoustics solution on a manifold with projected contour lines (manifold, 737Kb) (.tar.gz, browse)

Plotting amr acoustics solution on a manifold with projected contour lines (manifold, 3Mb) (.tar.gz, browse)

Scalar advection show slices and isosurfaces (3d, 1Mb) (.tar.gz, browse)

Visualizing under and over shoots in numerical calculation (2d, 122Kb) (.tar.gz, browse)


These graphic routines were originally developed by R. J. LeVeque, as part of the Clawpack code for solving hyperbolic conservation laws. These routines were extended by Donna Calhoun for use with 3d adaptive mesh refinement and manifolds. Much of the work done by D. Calhoun for the 3d extension was done under support of SciDAC and R. J. LeVeque.

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