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Why major in math at Boise State University?

Come to Boise State and learn Mathematics from scholarly Mathematicians, Statisticians, and Mathematics Educators who care about teaching! Here are just a few of the many reasons that the math department is a great place to get your degree.

  • Math is great for your career—see our page on Math career information
  • We have scholarships and employment opportunities within the department
  • We have a math club for student activities
  • We have a math student study and meeting space, and a math study computer lab
  • Students have easy access to faculty members, and your advisor will be a faculty member
  • You can choose between Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. If you major in Mathematics you can additionally add an emphasis in Mathematics Secondary Education, if you major in Applied Mathematics you can additionally add an emphasis in Statistics.
  • You can be involved in a monthly problem-solving competition, the Intermountain Math Competition, and the Putnam competition
  • There are many opportunities for student research, including a senior project or thesis
  • We have a Math department colloquium and several Math seminars that help connect students with research mathematics
  • We have an accelerated master’s program which allows you to obtain a bachelor’s and master’s degree in 5 years