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Balkan SPM Seminar

The first meetings of the seminar in selection principles will be in Skopje and in Nis. However, the location of meetings of the seminar is not as important. The main purpose of the seminar is to stimulate collaboration among mathematicians who have interest in, or work in selection principles in mathematics.

Speaker Title of Talk Date/City
C. Guido Selection principles related to metacompactness
Sept. 3, 2001  Skopje
L. Babinkostova The property of screenability Sept. 10, 2001 Skopje
M. Scheepers A survey of selection principles in topology Sept. 24, 2001 Skopje
L. Babinkostova Selection Principles in Topology (Ph.D. thesis defense)
[Powerpoint Presentation]
Nov. 2, 2001 Skopje
M. Scheepers A brief survey of selection principles Nov. 9, 2001 Cacak
L. Babinkostova Relative selection principles on metric spaces Nov. 9, 2001 Cacak