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Graduate Seminar

The Graduate Seminar meets Fridays from 1:30–2:30pm in room MB 124. The seminar is organized by Uwe Kaiser ( Everybody is invited to join.

Faculty Presentations:

September 6: Zach Teitler, Title: Waring rank of a homogeneous polynomial

September 13: Donna Calhoun, Michal Kopera: Adaptive mesh refinement for geophysical applications

September 27: Randall Holmes: Implementing Zermelo’s axiomatics and proof of the well-ordering theorem in Lestrade, a dependent types theorem prover
Abstract: Over a few weeks in the summer, we implemented much of the content of Zermelo’s important set theory papers of 1908, including the original axiomatization of Zermelo set theory, the precursor of our current set theory ZFC, and Zermelo’s proof of the Well-Ordering Theorem, under our dependent type theory based theorem proving system Lestrade. We will give an overview of this work.