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The set theory and logic program at BSU


Liljana Babinkostova
Liljana Babinkostova (site)
Research: set-theoretic topology, selection principles, covering properties, covering dimension.

John Clemens
John Clemens
Research: Descriptive set theory, Borel complexity theory, computability theory, and applications to ergodic theory and analysis.

Samuel Coskey
Samuel Coskey (site)
Research: Borel complexity theory and applications its applications to group theory, model theory, analysis, and combinatorics.

Randall Holmes
Randall Holmes (site)
Research: Quine’s New Foundations NF and related theories such as Jensen’s NFU, computer-assisted reasoning.

Marion Scheepers
Marion Scheepers (site)
Research: set theory, set-theoretic topology, selection principles, game theory, and combinatorics.

Recent visiting faculty include Masaru Kada (Osaka Prefecture University), Bruno Pansera (University of Messina), and Rodrigo Roque Dias (São Paolo).

Set theory seminar

The set theory and logic seminar meets most weeks to discuss our ongoing research and the research of others in our field. Students are invited and encouraged to attend.

BEST conference

The Boise Extravaganza in Set Theory (BEST) conference has long been a tradition of the Boise set theorists. From 1992 to 2010 the conference was held in Boise in the Spring. From 2013 to 2016 the conference was hosted as a symposium of the AAAS Pacific Division.

Two conference proceedings volumes have been published in the AMS Contemporary Mathematics series: #192 (1992–1994) and #533 (1995–2010).

Graduate program

Boise State University offers a master’s degree program in mathematics. Visit this page to read general information about the program in general. Graduate courses in set theory and logic available at Boise State include:

  • MATH 402/502: Logic and Set Theory (Spring)
  • MATH 522: Advanced Set Theory (Fall)
  • MATH 580/581: Topics in Set Theory or Logic (run as needed)
  • Independent study (run as needed)

Our graduates

  • Stephanie Potter, Classification of vertex-transitive structures. Supervised by Samuel Coskey and John Clemens, Spring 2017. (thesis)
  • Samuel Dworetzky, The classification problem for models of ZFC. Supervised by Samuel Coskey, Spring 2017. (thesis)
  • Kyle Beserra, On the conjugacy problem for automorphisms of trees. Supervised by Samuel Coskey, Spring 2016. (thesis)
  • Shehzad Ahmed, Co-analytic determinacy and sharps. Supervised by Andrés Caicedo, Spring 2014. (thesis)
  • Summer Kisner, Schur’s Theorem and related problems in Ramsey theory. Supervised by Andrés Caicedo, Spring 2012. (thesis)
  • Thomas A. Ch. Chartier, Coloring Problems. Supervised by Andrés Caicedo, Fall 2011. (thesis)
  • Trevor Jack, Incomparable metrics on the Cantor space. Supervised by Stefan Geschke, Spring 2008. (thesis)
  • Joanna Porter Guild, Theorem proving in elementary analysis. Supervised by Randall Holmes, Spring 2007. (thesis)
  • Billy Hudson, A canonical Countryman line. Supervised by Justin Moore, Spring 2007. (thesis)

Notes from past courses

  • Sam’s notes for the Fall 2014 edition of MATH 522
  • Andrés Caicedo’s notes for the Fall 2009 edition of MATH 502
  • Andrés Caicedo’s notes for the Spring 2009 edition of MATH 580
  • Stefan Geschke’s notes for the Spring 2008 edition of Math 580
  • Randall’s notes for the Spring 2008 edition of Math 502

Set theory resources

Set Theory Picture