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Research Papers

We are proud to announce the papers in which the selection principles are introduced —

— are announced as among the ten most highly cited articles to appear in Topology and its Applications.

  1. Function Spaces
    1. Cp(X)
    2. Ck(X)
  2. Various hyperspaces
  3. Classical Selection principles: S1(A,B), Sfin(A,B), Ufin(A,B)
    1. Open covers
    2. Borel Covers
    3. Dense sets
    4. Filters on the integers
    5. Basis properties
    6. Measure-like properties
    7. Ramsey Theory
    8. Games
    9. Splitting properties
  4. Selective screenability
  5. The alphai selection properties
  6. Star selection properties
  7. Other selection properties

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