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Math Learning Center staff portraitsGary Hagerty

Director, Math Learning Center
(208) 426-2845 | MB121-A

Profile_PicJanine Balfour

Assistant Director, Math Learning Center
(208) 426-2561 | MB121-C

Math Learning Center staff portraitsTom Bailey

Tutoring and Advising Coordinator, Math Learning Center
(208) 426-2826 | MB120-B

  Jamie Sheppard, Math Learning Center, portrait  Jamie Sheppard

At-risk Advisor, Math Learning Center
(208) 426-2825 | MB121-B

Judy Wayne

Operational Support Coordinator, Math Learning Center
(208) 426-5694 | MB121

Profile_PicJohn Betts

Systems Administrator
(208) 426-2855 |

Profile_PicDiana Kruse 

Lecturer, Math Learning Center
(208) 426-5694 | MB121-D

Profile_PicMandy McDaniel

Lecturer, Math Learning Center
(208) 426-5694 | MB121-D

Profile_PicKevin Martinez

Lecturer, Math Learning Center
(208) 426-1192 | MB222-C

Profile_PicAmanda Willoughby

Lecturer, Math Learning Center
(208) 426-5694 | MB121-D

Profile_PicKimberly Classen-Wilson

Lecturer, Math Learning Center
(208) 426-5694 | MB239-C

Please contact your instructor by e-mail. If your instructor’s e-mail is not in the following list, contact for your instructor’s email address.

Alex Hughes
Amanda Willoughby
Annie Olson
Bailey Ross
Carrie Martinez
Colin McNamara
Dale Mahoney
Dan Ingham
Diana Kruse
Emily Moes
Gary Hagerty
Jaime Sheppard
Janine Balfour
Jennifer Buckholtz
Judy Wayne
Kathleen Isaacson
Kelci Lester
Kevin Martinez
Kim Wilson
Mandy McDaniel
Mary Kersey
Mary Young
Nathan Schmidt
Pam Howard
Richard Boussatta
Robin Labrie
Soheila Eghbali
Tom Bailey
Tracy Lester
Waruni Wijayasinghe
Wendy Blezard