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Math 108 Regular, 16 week, Spring


Spring 2018: Intermediate Algebra

Math 108 Spring 2018 Syllabus

Notebook Rubric 

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To the Students: Group activities will take place one a week. Our goal is to create activities which directly connect mathematics to your major and how your major may use mathematics (as related to math 108) in their courses. As the majority of our students are Business, Elementary Education and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) majors, we have created a different set of activities for each group. Business major activities are based on math that should appear in 100 and 200 level business courses. Elementary Education activities are based on modes of thinking required in teaching elementary level mathematics and techniques that appear in math 157 and math 257. STEM activities are based math that will appear in 100 and 200 level biology, chemistry and physics courses as this group of students will be enrolling in several of these courses. We realize that we have other majors in the class and are working on designing activities for these majors. Please choose the activity most appropriate for you.

Date Business Elementary Education STEM Test Reviews
Week 1 1/8-1/14 No Activity
Week 2 1/15-1/21 No Activity
Week 3 1/22-1/28 B1 E1 S1 Test #1 Review
Week 4 1/29-2/4 B2 or review E2 or review S2 or review
Week 5 2/5-2/11 B2 or review E2 or review S2 or review
Week 6 2/12-2/18 B3 E3 S3
Week 7 2/19-2/25 B4 E4 S4
Week 8  2/26-3/4 B5 E5 S5
Week 9  3/5-3/11 B6 E6 S6
Week 10  3/12-3/18 B7 E7 S7
Week 11  3/19-4/1 B8 or review E8 or review S8 or review Test #2 Review
Week 12  4/2-4/8 B8 or review E8 or review S8 or review
Week 13  4/9-4/15 B9 E9 S9
Week 14  4/16-4/22 B10 E10 S10
Week 15   4/23-4/29 B11 E11 S11  Final Review
Finals Week  4/30-5/4 Spring 2018 Final Exam Schedule