The Polyhedra

Definition: A polyhedra is a solid figure with many plane faces, typically more than six.

I’ve always learned better with some sort of visual help. In this chapter, it has to do with the polyhedra and its properties. In geometry there are usually a lot of visual aids. The book that I have doesn’t actually have the questions written out (accidentally ordered the teacher’s guide). It seems to be focusing on the number of vertices, edges, and faces of polyhedra and the extension of some simple formulas in plane geometry to polyhedra.

Another important aspect of this chapter that I like is that it does not require a computer. The coding has definitely been difficult for me in this class and it would be nice to get a little break from that.

One thought on “The Polyhedra

  1. Ken Coiteux

    I also looked at this lab. I like geometry topics a lot…and that programming is not required.

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