Polyhedra! -Jordan

This lab is all about polyhedrons and investigating their properties. This is the only chapter that does not use the computer to view data. This instead requires you to use models to help you visualize and and think about the observations that are made.

Some of the questions that are explored include finding the diameter of each of the regular solids if the edge length is one and, “what is the diameter of each of the regular solids if the faces each have area 1?.”

A reason why this topic is of interest to me because it does involve geometry which is a subject that I enjoy. Also the fact that this lab does not use the computer means to me that it will be somewhat hands on which interests me a well.

One thought on “Polyhedra! -Jordan

  1. Janae Korfanta

    I had a feeling you’d pick this lab :). I was also intrigued by the hands-on orientation of this lab, especially them asking you to actually cut out the shapes and work with them. It’d be interesting to see how the theory meets the physical in this subject.

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