Numerical Integration: Summary and Conclusions

In this lab we looked at some various methods to compute integrals.
Those methods were, Riemann Sums: left rectangle, midpoint, and right rectangle, Trapezoidal, and Simpsons Rule.

We tested various methods and got results that showed that Simpsons Rule was very accurate, in many cases exact for cubic functions. We explored this more saw that Simpsons rule and the actual integration yielded the same result. This was also a proof of our conjectures about this method Finally we showed where the Simpsons Rule came from.

Now with all of that there are many other things that can be explored. Exploring more functions than cubics, (trig functions, logarithmic, exponential, etc.) and seeing which methods work best for those. Other routes one might take would be to explore higher dimensions. Some questions that could be explored would be how to test the accuracy for functions that don’t have an antiderivative? What methods would seem to work best? How small of an interval would be needed?