Cyclic Difference Sets

The lab that I was looking into was Cyclic Difference Sets. This lab seems to be about modular arithmetic and the sets that different modulos produce. While later on moving into a more specific subset: cyclic difference set.

An important concept in this section would be that of modular arithmetic. When you are in a modula, you take a sum or product of numbers and divide it by the modulo and see what the remainder is and that is the answer. And example they give is:

$3+4=2 mod 5$

That is to say that $3+4$ is 7 and $7/2$ has a remainder of 2.

The lab explores a little further and looks at a cyclic difference sets. The questions they explore are more specific and I would need a more time and further insight to relate them. This lab caught interest because I find modular arithmetic interesting and I have another class talking about groups.