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Laurie Cavey

Associate Professor

  • 2002 Ph. D., Mathematics Education
  • 1992 M. S., Mathematics
  • 1990 B. S., Mathematics


Laurie Cavey is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at Boise State University. Prior to her employment at Boise State, Dr. Cavey was an Associate Professor at James Madison University where she received an award for excellence in teaching and scholarship. While at James Madison, Dr. Cavey also served as the director of The Content Teaching Academy, a summer program for teachers looking to enhance their professional knowledge and skills. She makes it a priority to find ways
to work directly with teachers to support student learning. Dr. Cavey is currently working with high school teachers in Idaho as they prepare to teach integrated courses aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.


From a research perspective, Dr. Cavey is interested in how people think about mathematics and how those ideas are influenced by the mathematical practices of a classroom community. Much of this work has involved working with colleagues to understand how argumentative practices influence opportunities for student learning. Since joining the faculty at Boise State, Dr. Cavey has begun to investigate both student and mathematician ideas about the use of mathematical definitions. Her work has been published in research and practitioner journals including Educational Studies in Mathematics, The Journal of Mathematical Behavior, and The Mathematics Teacher.

Contact Information

Office: MB233D
Phone: 208-426-1829
Fax: 208-426-1356