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Joe Champion, Mathematics Education at Boise State University

Joe Champion, Math

I’m an Associate Professor of Mathematics, specializing in mathematics education, in the Department of Mathematics at Boise State University. Previously, I was an assistant professor of mathematics at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi (2010-2013)  after completing a Ph.D. in Educational Mathematics from the University of Northern Colorado in 2010.

E-mail (preferred contact)
Office location Education Building #443
Office phone 208-426-3497


I’ve been teaching mathematics since Fall 2001. I teach a wide range of courses focused current and future teachers of math, with a focus on data and statistics. I have a passion for helping students build a realistic sense of confidence in their abilities to succeed in STEM, and I often work with others to develop courses that emphasize project-based, active learning strategies, and appreciation for the “hard fun” of learning math.

Spring 2019


I am constantly learning new things, and I spend much of my time working with teams of scholars to conduct educational research. My research interests include academic performance, persistence, and self-efficacy in STEM, mathematical and statistical modeling with educational applications, machine learning, mathematics teacher education, and the design and development of mathematics education websites.

Currently, my biggest project is ROOT, a $3 million NSF-funded grant focused on “improving Grades 6-8 students’ mathematics achievement in modeling and problem solving through effective sequencing of instructional practices.” I serve as the Principal Investigator.


Broadening access and achievement in mathematics requires sustained connections to the community. Here are a few of the ways I support education outside my teaching and research:

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