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Universal MATH Requirement

All students receiving a bachelor’s degree at Boise State and most students receiving an associate’s degree are required to complete 3-5 credits in mathematics. The list of approved disciplinary lens mathematics classes can be found in the catalog in the chapter on “Obtaining a Degree” or in the Directory of Classes. The current approved list is:

  • MATH 123 Quantitative Reasoning (3 Credits) (DLM)
  • MATH 143 College Algebra (3 credits) (DLM)• More information
  • MATH 160 Survey of Calculus (4 credits) (DLM) • More information
  • MATH 170 Calculus I (4 credits) (DLM) • More information
  • MATH 254 Applied Statistics with Computers (3 credits) (DLM)
  • MATH 257 Geometry and Probability for Teachers (4 credits) (DLM) • More information

Most students fulfill their mathematics requirement as a part of their major, e.g., MATH 143 is required for business majors, MATH 170 for engineering majors, etc. Students and advisors in majors which do not require a mathematics class will have to pay particular attention to ensure that they choose an appropriate class well in advance of graduation. The Mathematics Department is not sympathetic to arguments of the nature “I was putting it off and now that I want to graduate, it is too late to take mathematics.”

Notes on Specific Courses

MATH 108:
MATH 108, Intermediate Algebra, is not and never will be a disciplinary lens course. Thus, students shouldnot be advised to take it in order to “fulfill the MATH DLM requirement.” MATH 108 should only be taken by students who do not place into required MATH courses.

Also, students should be advised that MATH 108 requires a commitment of approximately 15 hours per week of study time and lab time in addition to the 1 hour of scheduled class time.

MATH 123:
MATH 123 is a disciplinary lens course which surveys quantitative reasoning including deductive and inductive reasoning, benchmarks, and sense of scale. Topics are applied in a conceptual way to interpret graphical information, descriptive and inferential statistics, elementary probability, and exponential growth. Its prerequisite is a score of 40 on the Algebra part of the Compass exam, or at least the 41st percentile on the ACT or SAT (18 or 430) math or MATH 25.

MATH 123 is not the prerequisite for any other MATH course. It should not be considered to be the “easiest” mathematics disciplinary lens course simply because it has a low number; students find it challenging, but doable. It is most frequently taken as a mathematics disciplinary lens course of choice, or by elementary education majors who wish to add a minor endorsement in mathematics to their elementary teaching certificate.

MATH 254:
MATH 254 is a non-calculus based statistics class taken primarily by biology majors. Proficiency in high school algebra, as measured by a score of at least 61 on the Algebra part of the Compass exam, or at least the 70thpercentile on either ACT or SAT (23 or 540) math, or MATH 108, is required for entry into MATH 254.