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Degrees and Courses

Teaching Assistantships

A number of teaching assistantships are awarded every year to support students pursuing the Master of Science in Mathematics. The assistantship includes a waiver of all fees and tuition, student health insurance, and a stipend of $15,400 to cover living expenses.

Important Notice: It is a program requirement that graduate students holding a teaching assistantship have to be enrolled with at least 9 credits in classes towards the degree (meaning that those credits can be used for the MS in mathematics degree). Moreover those students, which have been awarded a teaching assistantship, must take the class MATH 579 (Teaching College Mathematics) when they begin their teaching assistantship, or as soon as possible. Exceptions are possible when it can be verified that she or he has sufficient experience in teaching at the College level.

Research Assistantships

Typically, four graduate research fellowships are available each Summer. Students will be paid $4,000 to work on a research project with a faculty member, which should lead towards completion of a thesis. Complete this form, with faculty advisor signature, by April 1 in the year in which you are applying.

Faculty periodically have research fellowships available, and these fellowships will also include a waiver of all fees and tuition, student health insurance, and a stipend to cover living expenses. Please contact the program coordinator to see if there are any currently available.

Graduate Residential Scholars Program

Participants in the Graduate Residential Scholars Program (GRSP) live in an on-campus residential community of graduate students representing diverse backgrounds and disciplinary interests. Each scholar is awarded a graduate assistantship that includes a stipend, full waiver of tuition and fees, and free housing.

Interested students should contact Jens Harlander, Mathematics Graduate Coordinator, email: telephone: 208-426-3312.